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There are a few products that have made my life as a busy working mum easier these past few weeks. These are new discoveries, that have either saved time, added a bit of luxury to an otherwise sparse day (my motto is “feel good, work better”) or just been handy toddler distraction techniques when I’ve needed a second to get something done.

In no particular order, they are:

Mia Tui picThis is my new Ella bag by Mia Tui. You wouldn’t know to look at it, but it’s actually a baby change bag. It has compartments for nappies, side pockets for baby wipes, an attachment to clip your keys to, pouches for bottles and a smaller handbag that slots inside, if you want to have a seperate bag for your own wallet and cards.

Even though my toddler’s no longer in nappies, I love it. I can cram all my stuff into it (filofax, wallet, keys, make-up, spare toddler pants, spare toddler leggings, baby wipes, emergency packet of raisins etc etc) without losing anything in a mysterious Bermuda Triangle handbag effect. It saves me time scrabbling around for lots bits of paper or pens and it looks pretty too.

ward off a coldLike loads of mums I know, I’m often ill. Not properly vomity sick, just a bit under the weather. Working the strange – and often long – hours that I do, and being around a toddler who spends half her day at nursery, means I’m prone to any cold going. I got sent these goodies recently by LanesHealth and just one whiff of any of them makes you feel instantly that little bit better.

Aussie Hair

This little collection of loveliness was an impulse buy when I was in Boots shopping for a friend’s present recently. I rarely spend money on frivolous purchases like these for myself, so it was nice to see they had a 3-for-2 deal.

Washing my hair with it makes me feel vaguely human after a couple of days when I’ve been too busy to shower (gross, I know) and almost makes up for the fact I don’t have perfectly shiny, clean, fresh locks every single day. It’s the little things, right?

Double chocolate digestivesBecause sometimes, the only thing that helps is a double chocolate digestive. Fact.


I get up at 4am for my radio work. We do a show until 10am. This means I often don’t get to eat any breakfast until 6 hours after I wake up so, understandably, I’m a tad peckish. Granola is a great way to release that energy slowly and stop me reaching for one too many of the above biscuits later in the day. It’s also pretty tasty.

Lizi’s Granola is a new range I’ve only recently discovered. It’s very delicious, healthy and is the only stuff that comes close to the homemade granola my mum makes when we visit my parents in Devon.

Balance bike

This is the balance bike Frog has been borrowing from her little friend next door this week. It’s an absolutely brilliant concept, in that you don’t need pedals or stabilisers. The idea is for kids to get used to balancing themselves and scooting along, making the transition from toddler balance bike to normal big bike with pedals that little bit easier. Apparently you’re less likely to need stabilisers if you’ve used a balance bike.

It’s helped me out loads this week, as my nearly-three year old has enjoyed scuttling up and down the garden happily, leaving me free to crack on with the mountain of chores I need to do in any given half hour (hang the washing out, put tea on, answer an email, mop the floor, hoover broken biscuit, swill down wee from the patio etc etc). She loves it so much we’re considering getting her one of her own for her third birthday.

These are the things that have been helping make my life a bit easier this week. What are yours?


Disclaimer: I was sent the granola, cold products and Mia Tui bag to review on this blog. All opinions and words remain my own.