Swollen pregnant feet and my new boots

40 weeks pregnantWhen I was about eight months pregnant I bought a new pair of boots. They were a cute leopard print number with laces and an ankle high shape. And could I fit my fat pregnant feet into them? Could I heck.

As I tried to squeeze my puffy toes into these pretty little boots I felt very like one of the ugly sisters. I was determined, but the boot wouldn’t budge. I’m not sure, but I think it’s likely I cried.

You see, for me, the one thing that plagued the entire second half of my pregnancy was fat feet. I got to know both my feet intimately throughout those months, as I massaged and pummelled them, in an attempt to reduce the puffiness. 

There were a few things that helped in my quest for normal sized feet, although I won’t pretend there is any miracle cure (it turns out the best way to get rid of cankles is to have a baby). If you’re suffering too, then some of these tried and tested suggestions may work for you. And if they don’t – remember, they won’t be that size forever!

1. Massage

Massage your feet gently and move the fluid up your ankle, towards your legs. This can cause some light relief if your feet are tight and puffy. I invested in a cooling foot cream as I was heavily pregnant in the height of summer. Using a massage cream or gel is a brilliant way to keep your feet soft too.

2. Put your feet up

I know how hard it is to get your feet up – especially if you have other children – but it really is one of the best ways to get the fluid moving out of your feet. I did pregnancy yoga throughout my pregnancy and there was a great position we used to practise where we would lie with our backs on a bolster and our feet up against the wall. And in the evenings, the PJs would come on and I’d get comfy with my feet up on the sofa.

Fat pregnant feet

3. Compression hosiery and socks

Once the weather turned cooler I couldn’t get away with rocking my Birkenstocks any more. So I invested in some compression hosiery in an attempt to be able to wear normal shoes (and not just my slippers). It worked and I managed to squeeze my fat feet into my converse trainers for the last two weeks of my pregnancy.

4. Drink lots of water 

I’m a total tea fiend but had to cut back while I was pregnant because I was getting quite dehydrated. I forced myself to drink at least eight glasses of water each day – even when I wasn’t thirsty. This did help reduce the puffiness in my feet a little.

Now, a couple of months (and one baby) later and my feet are back to their normal size 5 status. And you know what? The new boots finally fit!

new boots

How about you – have you got any tried and tested tips to share? 



Disclosure: Thank you to Simply Feet for collaborating with me on this post. 




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