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The first Christmas I ever spent with the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine, he bought me a watch.

It was a very pretty watch and it served me well. Until the battery died and I never got round to fixing it, that is.

I still miss my watch. I regularly catch myself glancing at my wrist to see nothing but a watch-shaped void there. If only I had the organisational skills and motivation to go and buy a new battery. *lazy sigh*

If you, like me, are after a new watch (or even just another watch to add to your collection) then how about one of these beautifies from Best Gift Company?


Ice Watches are bold, bright and practical enough for mums who don’t want to put something ridiculously delicate and pricey on their wrist.

At £71.99, they’re a reasonable price too.  They come in a whole range of different colours, so you don’t have to opt for turquoise if it’s not your shade.

There’s something nobody really tells you about becoming a mum: your choices in clothing and accessories WILL change. Whether it’s a top that looks good AND allows for easy breastfeeding, or a pair of shoes that are stylish AND comfy enough for trips to the park, your outfit picks are bound to be governed by more than the, “Does this look good?” question.

That’s why Ice Watches are a good choice for mums – they tick both boxes nicely. Plus, they’re not so highly expensive that you’d be too scared to wear your watch while you go about your normal day-to-day business.

How have you noticed your fashion choices change since becoming a mum?



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