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Having a baby is better than Christmas, in present terms. You get showered with all sorts of new items that you never knew existed, many of which you won’t even get to take out of the wrapping. Having been the new mum with a million and one cuddly toys, there are a couple of items I look out for now when I buy a present to welcome a new baby into the world. I’ll always try to find unique gifts for a newborn, rather than something they may already have, no matter how cute it is.

Last Saturday I got to test my baby present giving skills to the maximum, as I met (and cuddled and got broody over) our lovely friends’ new baby girl. There was a moment when my two year old gave her “new baby friend” a cuddle, when I thought my heart might actually burst in two, leaving me with nothing but a mushy puddle on the floor. Luckily my heart is actually made of stone and I’ve lived to tell the tale.

So, new unique baby gifts…

Little Punk London

If you’re looking for comfortable, practical, stylish babywear with a difference, then Little Punk London is your brand. I love the bright colours and lack of pastel / beige / neutral shades in their designs. We’re already firm fans of the toddler stick-on range, so it’s no surprise the babygrows and vests are right up my street too.

Little Punk London BabywearSock Ons

These. Are. Genius. Seriously, until you have a baby you do not realise how many millions of pairs of socks you get through. Babies (especially ones with wonky feet like my daughter) don’t “do” socks very well. I spent the first six months trying to work out how to keep my own baby’s socks on her feet, before discovering these clever stirrup-like things that pop on over the top of the sock and hold it in place.

Sock OnsSheepskin blanket

When I used to take Frog to Baby Sensory classes, I remember being enthralled to learn that babies can actually sleep more soundly on sheepskin. My (often sleep-phobic) child LOVED lying on sheepskin and it’s the only time I’ve known her to drop off in a busy hall, among lots of other babies. At nearly three years old, Frog still refuses to sleep without the special blanket she was given as a baby and, while it’s not sheepskin, it IS made from a fleecey type of fabric.

The biggest hit at the weekend definitely came from the special blanket I gave to our friends’ baby. Made from a soft fleece, she snuggled her face into it and proceeded to sleep the rest of the time we were there. A quick scout around the internet has thrown up this brand I’ve yet to try. Now I’m just waiting for another friend to have a baby as I know just the blanket to get for them.

What unique baby gift items were you given as a new parent?


Disclosure: The Little Punk London babygrow was provided for the purpose of this review.