Vlogged: A day crabbing in Devon

Crabbing in Stoke Gabriel Devon

A definite bonus of being married to a teacher is that we regularly get time off together as a family. While the first week of the Easter holidays was spent in the Isle of Wight, the second week we stayed at home and explored some new places right on our doorstep in South Devon.

Despite what many politicians (Michael Gove – I’m looking at you) would have us think, though, teachers don’t have endless days off. My husband works long hours and many days of this Easter break were spent working. He went into school to run extra revision sessions for his GCSE students, along with devoting two full days to marking coursework. But on Thursday and Friday last week we had two full days together as a family, before he hit the books again over the weekend.

This is what we got up to on the Friday…


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    Aw, we had a weekend in Norfolk and ran out of time to do this, but the kids saw people doing it, so we must go back. Such a lovely film to have to look back on Molly, precious times!

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    The photo reminds me so much of Charlotte. She loved crabbing in Dartmouth (even as a teenager) and the crab winder was a “must-have” pink! Happy memories x

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    I hate the myth that teachers have loads of holidays, it’s so untrue when you see how many hours the average teachers actually work. I think it’s a myth perpetuated to keep wages down, when really teachers have one of the most important jobs going and should be paid better for it x

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    We always have to get a crabbing session in when we go to the coast, our 8 year old Charlie is addicted! It’s one of those things that I think the kids will really remember – proper oldfashioned childhood stuff!

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    Ahhh, I always love your videos, you all look so happy! I want to take the kids crabbing this summer – we’ve just been given a tent, so we’re hoping for some time in Cornwall or Devon!

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    my partner works in education too as a support assistant. it can be super hard work and i’d say any time off is well earned!

    never been crabbing before, but this looks lovely.

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    I was a teacher for over twenty years. I went back to work full time when both my children were just six months old. I remember feeling guilty, thinking I was putting most of my time and energy into other people’s children rather than my own. I really valued the time we were able to spend together during the school holidays even though a good part of it would be spent with me marking, planning etc.
    Its great that you and your family were able to spend some quality time together.

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      Teachers work SO hard, I get really cross when people don’t realise this and make ignorant statements about “long holidays” yadda yadda. We try to grab the moments when we can although this time of year they are few and far between!

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