Vlogged: My breastfeeding wardrobe – outfit ideas for breastfeeding mums


One of the things I miss most about the pre-baby days is being able to wear whatever I want. It’s a little thing, but goes a long way to making you feel like “you” again, post-baby. Before I was pregnant I used to pretty much live in dresses, especially at this time of year. This isn’t necessarily the most practical breastfeeding outfit, as many dresses don’t provide easy boob access. Damn.

Anyway, second time around, I’ve managed to find a few different outfit options that are (most importantly for me) comfortable and suit the daily physical life of being a mum, as well as looking good (or at least, I think so anyway!). These are all things I happily wear to the park or soft-play and they all give easy boob access. Scrabbling around for a boob when you have a screaming, hungry baby is no fun, after all.

Have a watch and let me know what you think – are there any other great brands you’d recommend?

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    I love the way Baby Girl looks straight from her nap. She’s bewildered bless her. So cute. I’m no longer breastfeeding but thoroughly enjoyed your video!

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