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When it comes to buggies, I have to admit to being a bit of a snob. It’s ridiculous really, because I’m not particularly materialistic in other areas of life. I don’t drive a snazzy car – and couldn’t care less. I don’t wear designer clothes – and again, couldn’t care less. And I get just as much satisfaction from a nicely upcycled piece of furniture, as a newly purchased piece.

But when it comes to buggies, I have a bit of a weak spot.

It all started when I was pregnant. Completely oblivious to the many different types of buggy / pram / travel system out there, I wandered into Mamas and Papas and was instantly intimidated. I didn’t know my Quinny from my Bugaboo, my Xplory from my Sola. I was a buggy novice who had no idea of the potential status symbol of the buggy.

So I happily purchased a Mamas and Papas travel system (I say “I” purchased it – it was actually a present from the husband’s generous parents) and didn’t give it much more thought.

And that travel system has done us proud. Most of the time.

But there have been times when I’ve yearned for something a bit simpler. I have a tiny car. The big buggy is too big to fit in the boot of my car, which is a pain. Although my two year old is walking, her hypermobility means she gets tired quite easily – and her toddler lump means she’s too heavy to lug around for long periods of time.

So a buggy is essential. But for those times when we’re out and about, I need an easy, fold away buggy. One that doesn’t require taking apart just to fit in my boot. Yet my inner buggy snobbery means I’m loathe to leave the posher travel system at home and wheel out the cheaper, smaller version for days out.

And that’s where this beauty comes in.

The Britax B-Agile is available exclusively at Mothercare. It’s designed to cover all your buggy needs, with a click and go device meaning you can put it up with one hand while holding your baby with the other. It’s lightweight, folding down to a really manageable size. And the four wheels combined into a three wheel, sleek black design means it looks pretty too.

We live in the countryside, so we need a buggy that can handle roads a bit off the beaten track, without bending or rolling away. So far, this buggy has performed just as well as the massive travel system we already own. And folding down to a fraction of the size, I can miraculously fit it into my teeny tiny car boot.

But it shouldn’t be seen as the second-best option. It’s far from the “extra” buggy to support a bigger travel system you might use every day.

I’ve been so impressed with the B-Agile that I’d happily recommend it to a family new to the buggy market. With a reclining back which goes all the way to flat, it could be used for newborns right up to four year olds. It’s durable, roomy but compact and very, very comfortable. I know this, because my toddler is very picky about where she falls asleep…

If you’re looking for an attractive buggy that’s easy to manouevre, is compact and light – yet chunky and durable – this is your man buggy. You don’t need to spend thousands on a massive travel system that can cook your tea for you while breastfeeding your child, you simply need to invest in this beauty.

And at £229.99, it means you’ll have more money left for all those other things babies need, like nappies. Or you could invest in posh crisps and wine. Whatever floats your boat really.

The clever inventors at Britax have done a great job with the B-Agile. Now they just need to bring us a buggy that can do four loads of washing at the same time as reading a toddler’s bedtime story. But for now, this one will do nicely.


Disclaimer: The Britax B-Agile was provided for the purpose of this review. All views remain my own. As ever.