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On Saturday I had a photo shoot for my new job.  In a nervous panic, with nothing to wear except a pair of milk-stained jeans and a T’shirt splattered with remnants of a particularly evil nappy, I rang Super Woman.

This Super Woman goes by the name of Lisa Talbot and happens to be a very fabulous stylist. Within ten minutes I knew of the perfect top – and exactly where to get it. This was, quite literally, the holy grail for a woman with a less-than-flat stomach and an out of practise shopping technique.

Because Lisa’s lovely like that, she agreed to write a guest post, revealing some of her secrets. So, without further ado, I bring to you the first ever guest post to feature on Mother’s Always Right…

Lisa Talbot, Stylist extraodinaire

If you’re anything like me, my day starts at 6.45am and finishes at, well do they ever really finish?

In between I have my 7 year old twins to get up, which breakfast they so desire that morning to organise, packed lunch to pop in the lunchbox, get them dressed at high speed as they dawdle over breakfast, drop them at school, walk the dog and get to my destination of work (which could be any shopping centre within a 50 mile radius ).

I could tell you about the rest of my day but I’d be writing forever and I think you get the jist of it!

Does this sound familiar? I think every women can relate to this, afterall we are all superwomen aren’t we?

So, as a busy mum and more importantly a stylist who understands ‘normal’ women who shop in the high street, I wanted to help you with ‘What is Style’?

When you are thinking about style, consider this:

  • Style is not about clothes alone
  • Fashion can be bought – style cannot
  • We are not always born with a sense of style –but it can be learned
  • Style is consistent – but not boring

What is your style?

The most important principle, in my mind, is to dress yourself according to your personality and lifestyle. This will make your life so much easier.

There is no point is dressing in a business style dress if you are a stay at home mum – and vice versa.

When dressing a body bear these points in mind; dressing yourself is like wrapping a gift and depending on the shape and size of the parcel we dress it to suit an individual’s requirement:

  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Pattern
  • Accessories

In the same way you would you choose to flatter, disguise and personalise your gift, the same principles apply to
wrapping the body.

Outer and Inner lines:

Everyone has an outer line to his or her face and body. We are born with this shape. This basic shape does not change whether you are a size 8 or 28.

We must, therefore, wrap our body in clothes, hairstyles, accessories and glasses to suit and mimic our outer shape.

Helping everyday women dress for their body shape is my biggest mission and one which I believe has the greatest impact in not only how we look but how we feel.