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It hasn’t been the easiest year. As years go, there’ve been more tricky times than I care to remember.

I’ve lost two members of my family, worked hours I didn’t think possible and seen my daughter battle hypermobile joints leading to a delay in walking.


But. I have also seen my toddler take those hypermobile joints and give them the middle finger. I have seen her run across sandy beaches and welcome the waves with joy. I have spent evenings lying, exhausted on the sofa and been treated to homemade meals and known there is a reason I married the man I call the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine. We have battled this year together.

I have made new friends and visited new places. I have reached new goals in my work and strived to take them to even bigger things. I have written and written and written and talked a bit and written some more.

Yes, it’s been a thoroughly tough year. But those moments of joy make it all worthwhile.

January: not walking

February: Beach love

March: Outside

April: Chasing freedom

May: Mastering naughtiness

June: Walking

July: Finding happiness

August: New memories

September: Some luxury

October: Exploring woods

November: London adventure

December: Stolen kisses