A brigade of three

It was a sunny day in Cornwall. We stood at the gates of a castle, as we came to the end of a review trip last week.

As I attempted to take a photo on my phone of the beautiful view, I accidentally hit the button that turns the camera round, so you end up staring back at yourself instead of what is in front of you.

I’m not loving the way I look at the moment. It’s something I’ll no doubt blog about soon, but it’s a safe bet that if you scrolled through my recent phone photos you wouldn’t find any of me; it’s all about a cute three year old and an often photo-phobic husband. 

But this picture… well. I like it. It was a funny moment, as the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine peered in to see what Frog and I were laughing about on my phone. It reminds me of a brilliant morning exploring a new place.

It’s us. A brigade of three.

A family of three



I’m linking this post up to Me and Mine over at Capture By Lucy.


  1. says

    Just what photo;s are about. I have asked people to take more pics of me with the boys. I might not like the way I look, but they love photo’s of us all together

  2. says

    What a lovely photo with a lovely story to go with it. I guarantee in years to come you’ll remember the cute story and the beautiful moment and not that you were feeling a bit uncomfy in your own skin.
    Thanks so much for linking up. x

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