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My Mum and Dad have been decluttering recently, before an escape to The Good Life and selling their home of 25 years. This means a few hidden gems have turned up, which have been gathering dust for a very long time. Like a letter from my sister, aged 6.

Reading this letter now, as a mum myself, makes me hope Frog will one day have a younger sibling. There’s nothing quite like sisters and brothers for bringing you down a peg or two…


Dear Mole (On Sunday I bought some “Mole” powder for you),

Here is what I have been doing while you have been on school camp…

On Sunday I went sailing with my friends. Then we went to the pub for supper.

On Monday Mrs Johnston came into my class and said there wasn’t going to be a swimming lesson, we would have two hours free time in the pool to play with all the floats and toys instead.

On Tuesday Mr Waldron closed the school because there was no water. So we had no school for the whole day.

On Thursday Nana is coming to stay, but she will go home on Saturday morning (before you get back from camp) so you won’t get to see her.

On Saturday Mum is taking me shopping to buy me some new clothes from Tammy Girl. She says you can’t have anything.

Love from Lizzy xxx

P.S. NOT!!!!!!!


Already an expert in the art of winding up her sister,¬†at the age of 6. And she wonders why I wouldn’t let her play with my Sylvanian Family toys….