Baby buys: the walker

TIdlo Walker

It feels like we’re waging an ongoing battle against toys in our house at the moment. So it’s handy that the latest addition to Baby Girl’s toy arsenal is rather beautiful – so pretty, in fact, that I don’t actually mind it being out on display in our front room.

The Tidlo Activity Walker from The Wooden Toy Shack is more than just a pretty wooden toy though. It’s packed full of fun things to keep a baby occupied, as well as being a highly functional baby walker. And at £37.05, it’s a reasonable price too. 

Tidlo Activity Walker

I love the bright colours and the retro design. I also love the hidden shelf which can act as additional toy storage. This shelf provides an extra element of play too, as Baby Girl loves to take toys off the shelf (she loves anything that involves making a huge amount of mess!).

Tidlo Walker photo

My only criticism about the walker is that it wasn’t the easiest to put together. Arriving with an Allen key, clear instructions and screws. All started well and I thought I might get it constructed within 15 minutes in that busy post-school, pre-teatime period.

But then we got to the wheels. The screws wouldn’t go in far enough and it took a good hour to solve the problem by eventually finding alternative screws from our own stash. I’m told this is an issue that hasn’t been reported by anyone else, so it’s highly likely we could have just been unlucky with the screws in our pack.

Other than that, I have no complaints. The walker is colourful and pretty, which is important when it’s a toy that’s too big to hide away in a basket. Baby Girl has started to pull herself up to stand against it, although she’s yet to walk with it. I don’t think it will be long though. She’s more than 3 months away from her first birthday but she’s in a huge hurry to get up on her feet and move around, it seems.


If you’re looking for an attractive walker that’s a good sturdy quality (I love a wooden toy, me) but not a ridiculous price, then this is a great option. And by looking at her face, Baby Girl seems to agree.


Disclosure: Thanks to The Wooden Toy Shack for sending us the walker for the purpose of this review. 



  1. Kathy B., MSSpEd says

    In US ‘walkers’ are seats with legs and wheels which babies are meant to ‘learn’ to walk in. The are illegal in many states, their impact on ‘toe walking’, falling down stairs, becoming injured by kitchen accidents (boiling water etc.) are well documented. As a therapist I find your walker is appropriate for a little one learning to walk. We have them also but the other silly things are called walkers. So beware of US walkers. Keep up the wonderful work your doing!

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