My baby sleeps in a box

There are some old school baby practises that I’m pretty relieved don’t still exist. Putting your baby in a pram and leaving it unattended outside the front door, for one. That’s an actual thing they used to do in my grandma’s day – if you don’t believe me just watch Call The Midwife.

I’ve also heard of some families making up a drawer for their baby to sleep in, rather than splashing out on a moses basket, crib or cot. And, occasionally, if drawers are scarce, the baby would just have been put to bed in a box lined with blankets. Cosy.

However, as much as the thought of leaving my baby in a pram on her own on the doorstep doesn’t appeal, the sleeping in a box thing doesn’t bother me so much. Why? Because my baby sleeps in a box. It’s an upmarket box, granted, but a box still the same. Interested? Let me introduce you to

The Baby Box Co.

This is a box from The Baby Box Company, an American brand specialising in recreating a tradition from Finland. In Finland, all expectant mums are sent a box full of baby goodies. Each box contains pretty much everything you need for those first couple of months with a newborn.

The Baby Box Company takes this idea one step further. Not only is each box stuffed with high quality baby essentials, the box itself has a mattress in the bottom, so it can be used as a day bassinet once empty.

Baby Box

My baby girl sleeps in a moses basket next to my bed at night, and this box in the living room during the day. It’s become one of my essential products for a second time mum, because it saves me the time and hassle of having to lug the moses basket up and down the stairs every day.

Not only that, but just look – LOOK! – at all the goodies the box came with. There were beautiful star print swaddle blankets (also very handy as an alternative baby change mat / baby blanket / etc), cloth nappies, bath toys, baby pamper products, a medical kit, baby vests, scratch mits, organic burp cloths… the list goes on.

The Baby Box Co box

It feels a bit like receiving a parcel from an experienced mum of many, as there are products in this box that I’d never even heard of before (soft cloth reusable breast pads, for one). I love the idea that just one box could tick off a whole load of “must need” bits from your new baby list, so you’re saving time with one simple order.

We were sent the Everything But The Stork Box to review, which retails at $199.99. This is the Daddy (or Mummy) of baby boxes, crammed full of handy products. Prices for a slightly more paired down version begin at $69.99. When you look at the value of each individual item – including the bed box itself – I think those overall prices are pretty reasonable.

Like the idea? The Baby Box Co. have given me a special code to share with you so you can get 15% off your first purchase with them. If you’d like to bag your own special box of baby goodies then simply use the code BABYLOVE15 at checkout.

Are you a new parent? What new baby products have you discovered recently?


[Disclosure: We were sent the box and products featured in this post for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions remain my own.]




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    Oh that looks fantastic – lucky you, I would love something like that for Pip, especially the extra bed downstairs, though Pip sleeps in the sling a lot of the time. I do still like the outdoors napping though – not in the front garden by themselves but in the back garden while the big sisters play is usually a pretty good nap!

    • says

      Baby girl sleeps in the sling too – definitely handy for the school run! I’m also a fan of outdoor napping too – just not outside the front door in a pram on her own!

  2. says

    This looks amazing! I love the idea of giving or receiving a box that has everything in it that you need. And bonus that it’s all beautiful and stylish. Double bonus that you can use the box as a crib! Love it.

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