Five months of baby-spam

Baby spam

It’s hard to believe but Baby Girl turned five months old a few days ago. Five whole months. Wow. I know all parents say this and I’m probably sounding like a broken record but HOW THE HELL IS SHE FIVE MONTHS OLD ALREADY?! Anyway, the fact she’s now five months old means it’s been five months where my Instagram feed has looked like this: baby, baby, baby, baby, cup of tea, baby, baby, baby, baby, outfit, baby, baby, baby etc. Yep, my second daughter is most definitely an Instababy.

I was thinking the other day about the different ways people use Instagram. For me, it’s a place where I can snap pretty things and chart my life in images. At the moment, I don’t have much use for snaps of my outfits (mainly existing in loungewear, ahem) and I’m not exactly travelling the world right now. So it’s all about the other pretty things in my life: my kids. And seeing as my older one is at school all day that leaves me with one thing to photo: my baby. Sorry Internet, but I really have no choice but to spam you silly with baby-spam.

While it might get old for anyone who follows me on Instagram (I’m @mollyjforbes over there by the way) I love the fact that with my second baby I have this great record of her first days. Of course I took loads of photos of Frog when she was a baby (and still do), but being on Instagram has forced me to take a different kind of photo. Many of my pics of Frog at this age are a bit blurred, over-exposed or taken so wide you can barely see the baby in the picture. 


Although I might not be as diligent in charting the milestones in the red book this time around, I do have a record of what my second baby did when, thanks to Instagram. For example, I know that she rolled from her back to her front when she was 18 weeks old (she did the other way at 12 weeks). I know that she started sucking her toes with fury aged four and a half months, at which point she also learned to sit in a wobbly position.

Instagram reminds me my baby loves to lie on her front and is desperate to get moving (thanks to the regular hazy blur where her legs and arms are flapping away in excitement in the photo). It’s also photographic proof that we’re still getting very little sleep (thanks tag-teaming children, LOVE YOU).

My baby-spam is a record of my baby girl’s first white blonde hair, first set of passport photos and her changing facial features, as she alters from a dead-ringer to her sister to looking far more like me at the same age.

Passport pics

And, finally, another huge development this month (and charted on my Instagram feed) is the emerging bond between my two girls. They’re both real pals these days, snuggling together comfortably to watch telly or splashing each other in the bath. As Baby Girl grows she’s becoming ever more interesting for her big sister, and Frog is clearly FASCINATING for Baby Girl.

I should apologise now really, because I expect the baby-spam will continue for a good while yet. Sorry, Instagram.

Are you on Instagram? What do you like to take pictures of? 


(And while we’re at it, here are some of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow at the moment: @iamalisonperry for outfits, tea and pretty flowers, @mummydaddyme for more outfits and cute kiddo styling, @vixbrown for gorgeous baby-spam, @musingsfromalondonmum for outfits, interiors and London living, @tigerlillyquinn for travel and interiors inspiration,@wildandgrizzly for more travel and interiors inspiration, and @capturebylucy for beautiful styling and photography.)



  1. says

    haha I was about to comment and say FLOWERS and TEA! But you beat me to it.
    I can’t think of any kind of spam I like more than babyspam. I even prefer it to holidayspam. And your baby girl is one of the cutest on my IG feed xx

  2. says

    Babyspam is the best – and also a large part of my Instagram, though in my case it’s because Pip is the only one that stays still long enough for a picture! I think the thing I love the most about Instagram is that it is a view into daily life and if that life means babies and loungewear then long made the babyspam continue!

  3. says

    Oh wow thanks for the lovely mention! I am totally addicted to Instagram – don’t know what I’d do without the encouragement and support of my followers on there. It’s a really positive platform and what I love is that you can share anything you want as often as you want. Oh and more baby pics please mine are so big now!!!! Xxx

  4. says

    Everyone loves baby spam, at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I post my millionth picture of my babe! I love that I have all these records of those milestones, much nicer in photo form than the silly red books! Xx

  5. says

    I adore your baby spam- I can live my broody times through your feed as I don’t think my husband is ready for a third haha. 😉 and thank you for mentioning me! I love Instagram so much- by far the best form of social media there is!

  6. says

    Even more I was pregnant I loved baby spam…its way cuter than food spam anyway! I’m now following you on Instagram to support and coo over your beautiful baby spam campaign! 😉 xx

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