Going back to cloth, kind of

GNappiesOK, I’m going to hold my hands up here and admit the thought of using cloth nappies with my newborn baby couldn’t have been further from my mind. Although I used cloth nappies with her older sister, I only switched to cloth after she was on solids. Without going into too much detail, I didn’t fancy having to deal with, umm, sloppy cloth nappies. I’ll stop there before I totally put you off your dinner.

Anyway, my new baby (still to think of a blog name for her by the way – suggestions welcome!) is now 15 weeks old. As much as I hate to admit it, she is most definitely no longer a newborn baby. So when gNappies asked if I’d like to try their nappies, I thought it was probably time I got over myself. 


gNappies are an alternative to disposables, but less intimidating than regular cloth nappies for a new mum who needs to get back into the groove of using cloth. The inserts are disposable, so they don’t add to the huge pile of washing I already face on a daily basis. But when I say “disposable”, I actually mean “compostable”. Basically, the inserts can be composted if they’re wet (no number 2’s!) which is both good for the garden and wins you points when it comes to looking after the environment.

Just as importantly, though, look how CUTE they are!


The inserts slip into a reusable pant that has velcro fasteners on the sides and comfy stretchy leg openings. They give enough room for baby to move around freely without digging in, but they hold all nappy contents inside nice and securely. Good news for my sofa (and carpet).

GNappies gif


Disclosure: Thanks to gNappies for sending me samples to try for the purpose of this post. 



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