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When I was pregnant, I had no idea of the many varieties and brands of baby change bags available. I naively assumed I could just chuck a nappy or two into my current handbag and that would be that.

Oh how wrong I was.

It wasn’t until my mother in law insisted on buying me a change bag to match our green buggy that my eyes started to open. But again, the idea of buying a bag specifically for nappies seemed a little pointless.

Then, when Frog was born and I eventually started venturing out to mother and baby groups with her, I started to notice an array of nappy baby change bags on offer. The posh mums had a Pacapod or Storksak. These were the ultimate in baby change bags. The Landrover of the changing rooms. They were a status symbol.

I still wasn’t interested though. They were out of my price range and – to be honest – I would rather have spent that kind of money on a term of swimming lessons or towards a holiday.

Fast-forward nearly two years and my attitude towards change bags has, well, changed (no pun intended).

With a daughter approaching two years old and a life that means I rush from work in a radio station (where the women are all impeccably glamorous) to toddler groups (where jeans and milk stained t’shirts are the norm) I needed a new bag. A bag that didn’t look like a baby change bag but still did the job.

And because my child probably (hopefully) won’t be in nappies forever more, I was willing to spend a little more on a bag that would still be usable once its main contents weren’t nappies and wipes.

So I looked. I looked for ages and ages and ages. Eventually I found a few different varieties of bags that caught my eye. But the one I really liked didn’t yet exist in the UK. And I wasn’t prepared to pay shipping costs from Australia.

It was with pure delight, then, when I received this beautiful package from a PR company:

Unbelievably, this is a baby change bag.

It is big enough to fit a whole pack of nappies in, a pot of snacks (it even has a pot with it), bottle, change mat (again, comes with it), with plenty of room left over for a diary, wallet, phone, keys, teddies and magic blanket.

It’s a Hendrix Wedge bag from Vanchi, the market leaders in baby change bags in Australia.

And I LOVE it.

It’s unlike any other baby change bag I’ve ever come across. It doesn’t look like a baby change bag. It just looks like a bag. A bloody cool one at that. One I’d be happy to take out for a drink at the pub or an afternoon shopping, minus my child (not that it happens very often).

Made with a leather outer and practical waterproof lining, this bag is something Mary Poppins would covet.

It has multiple interior pockets galore, an external zip pocket, two side pockets and a removable strap if you want to drape it over your buggy handlebars. It also has metal feet to protect it from getting scuffed when it’s inevitably thrown on the floor to deal with a tantrum situation.

And you know the best thing about this Vanchi bag? It’s now available to buy in the UK, along with four other cool styles.

Yes, they’re not the cheapest (the Hendrix Wedge retails for £99.99) but they’re beautiful quality and a percentage of all products sold goes directly towards Child Rescue, a division of the charity World Vision.

Plus, did I tell you how pretty it is?

Now please excuse me while I go off to stroke my new love interest.


Disclosure: This is a review post, all views and words are my own. I was sent a sample bag for the purpose of this review.




    • says

      It. Is. Beautiful. Can’t recommend it enough. Practical, stylish and will last beyond baby years. Consider it a long term investment!

  1. says

    … long term investment … good one I will remember that … you have to go a long way to find the perfect bag. That looks as if it will fit the bill especially as it doesn’t look like a baby bag! it has the seal of approval from a bag lady – enjoy it!

  2. says

    Wow! That is lovely. Bags are the only fashion thing I ‘do’ and my youngest is well out of nappies, but I’d love one of those! Off to look…

    • says

      I’ve never been particularly bothered about bags until the last 6 months when the search for the perfect nappy bag has been on! x

  3. Heather says

    I actually gave up with changing bags and just bought a nice rucksack instead. Not nearly as lovely as this bag, but it was a practical choice that I’ll stand by!

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