A letter to my daughter – I’m not moaning

Do you ever find it’s so much easier to talk, blog or write about this parenting lark when things are going wrong?

I look back at my blog posts and at least 8 out of 10 times, I seem to be writing from a point of moaniness (I may have just made that word up).

Although life is far from blue, inspiration often comes in the form of a tantrum or head-desk moment from my three year old. Knowing there are others who have been there and HATING the thought of being one of *those* boasty parents, these tend to be the situations I’ll share.

But then I read this post. And I pulled up short.

I don’t want Frog to read back on this blog when she’s older and think “Blimey, I gave Mum a hard time”. Of course – like every mother – there are many times when I want to bite on my hand with frustration at her behaviour, but the truth is she has done absolutely nothing to make me want to do that recently.

So I thought I’d write her a letter.


Dear Frog,

Thank you.

Thank you for being you and making me laugh. You are a constant source of entertainment for your dad and I, regularly leaving us in stitches at your latest funny story, song, dance or random saying.

Thank you for being so bloody flexible, taking just a week to get settled in this new home of ours. Thank you for being consistently positive and telling us how much you “love Devon”. Thank you for helping us be sure that we absolutely made the right decision to move here.

Thank you for your affection and kisses and “I love you Mummy” moments. Thank you for smiling when strangers stop to talk to you in the street or the shops – your coy waves of goodbye leave my heart fit to bursting with pride, even though I might not show it.

Thank you for your continued lack of self-awareness, so that you’ll think nothing of whipping off your pants if you have a “wedgy” (which you’ll tell anyone who’ll listen, in a typically unladylike manner).

Thank you for being here Frog. You make the colours of life that much brighter.

Love from,

Mummy xxx


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    This was a lovely read. I think it is really difficult to walk the line of being a ‘my child is amazing and never does a thing wrong’ and a ‘my child was sent to test me’ parent. I read Merrys post too and it is true that we do need to stop and think sometimes that they will not always be with us.

    • says

      Dear Gemma,

      Thank you.

      Thank you for bringing the funny when I am feeling grumpy and for making me laugh when I am sad. Thank you for your ability to sink wine in true friend style and your shared love of Kettle Chips.

      Thank you for not taking yourself too seriously and for reminding me to do the same. Thank you for your organisational skills – and for sharing those skills with me (or, rather, using them on my behalf).

      Thank you for writing a lovely blog that makes me smile and for not taking that too seriously either.

      Thank you for being you – and for making the colours of life that bit brighter.

      Love from,

      Molly x

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    There’s nothing like a bit of anger or frustration to get those fingers typing is there? I try to write about the challenges I experience of being a parent so it’s about me rather than the children being wrong. I also am ever an optimist so tend to focus on the positive, but you can get bored quickly of writing ‘life is so great’ can’t you? Not to mention readers getting sick of you :)

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    I should defs write one of these to my husband… Poor man! It adds up (even to someone without kids). Lovely read.

    PS is it any wonder Frog has been impeccable of late..? I refer you to a previous ‘brownie bigger than her head’ pic… I’d be more than happy with my little lot for quite some time if given that to work my way through :-)

    Stay awesome Molly, you’re an inspiration even to someone like me without little ones xxx

    • says

      *Melts* What a lovely comment, thank you Ruth! PS. I think I need to write one of these for my husband too. Maybe that’s another post?! xxx

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