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When I started this blog nearly four years ago, I had no idea what a huge impact it would have on my life. I started it on a whim, as an attempt to remind myself I still had a brain post-baby. It became a place to vent about my frustrations as a new mum, connect with other like-minded people and, eventually, lead to new work opportunities and some exceptionally fun experiences. But, today, I remembered the number one reason why I blog.

I have nearly four years of family adventures charted on this blog. I never intended for it to become an online scrapbook of sorts, but it has. Over the years I’ve blogged about our adventures on various holidays, mundane weekends just being at home, moving to a new place 200 miles away, Christmases, new houses and – recently – pregnancy and another new baby.

Although I have many of these memories stored away safely in my head, there are still moments that I remember with a smile when I read back on old posts. These are moments that would be lost in the midst of time had I not bothered to blog them. And so, here is another memory to add to the list – a family day out in Dartmouth.

Dartmouth ferry cruiseYou know those weekends where you don’t really do anything, except jobs around the house and trips to the supermarket and swimming lessons? And then, come Sunday night, you feel cheated of a weekend and inexplicably irritated with everything and everyone? Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, we’ve had a couple of weekends like that recently.

We made a plan on Friday night to make the most of our entire weekend this week and ignore the house and the To Do list. Best. Decision. Ever.

Dartmouth ferryWe’ve had some difficult days with Frog recently. General tiredness plus the overwhelming realisation that her baby sister is here to stay have led to a few epic tantrums and shouting – from both her and me. It’s felt like every word that’s come out of my mouth recently has been a negative one – “Don’t do that”, “No you can’t”, “By the time I count to three” etc. I can hear my voice and know I’m dealing with it all wrong but lack of sleep has led to lack of patience and the result is the two of us practically butting heads – and ultimately crying.

This weekend has marked a shift in dynamic. From Thursday onwards Frog knew it was almost the weekend and was a heck of a lot more cheerful because of it. And the same goes for me. So on Saturday morning we all scrambled to be out of the house early for her swimming lesson, before hitting the road to drive the half hour to Dartmouth.

We got on a boat and went for a little trip down the river, spotting a few seals on the way (EXCITING!). Drinking hot tea and watching the other boats bob by was strangely calming for all of us and we got off that boat beaming.


Then we wandered along the waterfront and picked up a fish and chip lunch (tip: Rockfish by the ferry does a very tasty fish and chips). We ate it looking out at the boats, with Frog chatting happily about the seals we just saw and how much she was enjoying her lunch – “THIS IS THE BEST LUNCH EVER!”.

Fish and chips Dartmouth

KingswearWe ate deliciousĀ ice-cream for pudding (because ice-cream is for ALL seasons, you know?) and then meandered through the mini Christmas market in the town square. There was music – which Frog danced to – and a juggler, which impressed us all. There was even mulled wine and, later that evening, a tantrum free bedtime.

A day to remember and a realisation we need to make more of weekends when we can.

How did you spend your Saturday?


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    My house is a tip and falling apart, but yes I have pretty happy teenagers and a happy Mum cos I brought my son to a course in the morning and my disabled daughter to her social club in the afternoon.. And we’re going out today too :) After all, they’re used to there being no knobs on the cooker and they don’t even notice the dust now, but they sure notice if they’re bored :)

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    What a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Sometimes you just need a change of scene and some time to reconnect as a family. It is SO hard adjusting to a new baby! For everybody. At times, Talitha has coped with Ophelia’s arrival remarkably well and then it comes to sharing and it’s all wrong again. She’s not too impressed her sister can move now! Hope things continue to settle and you get some rest. Amazing how being tired makes everything so much worse, eh?

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      It so does. I find just getting out of the house helps with the exhaustion though. I’m always way more grumpy and tired (and so is F) if we have a day at home all day.

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    omg that picture of you three is stunning! Your girls will look back on that one when they are older and remember how much they are loved. I only have one but I have these days with Wilf and have also had a few of those ‘how have I been cheated of a weekend’-weekends. I actually seem to spend all of them working so I can’t even have a clean house at the end of it to show for my waste of a weekend! We do try and get outside for at least a morning every weekend do something special. Even if it’s just a walk and hot chocolate. xx

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    Love this post {and that photo of the three of you}. Weekends here are usually manic on Saturdays as the girls seem to have a zillion groups that I’m trying to get them all to in one go.. .Sundays I try and keep as family days. No work allowed, and in the winter we usually go out for Sunday Lunch then come home and snuggle in front of a movie :)

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    You went to Dartmouth!!! As soon as I saw the top photo I knew where you were because that’s home home to me – I grew up only a couple of miles from Dartmouth. So yes to the fish and chips (although if you’re only half an hour from Dartmouth at some point you have to make the pilgrimage to Torcross and the Start Bay Inn for the best fish and chips in the entire world) and ice cream in Bayards Cove regardless of the weather! The South Hams is definitely one of my happy places and it’s so wonderful to see it through your photos; I’m glad you had a lovely day out there :)

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      Ooh we’ll have to make a trip to those places – thank you for the tips! Love the South Hams. We live just off Dartmoor so only a half hour drive to Dartmouth. Love it there!

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    Ah I totally know those weekends! We’ve just had one like it, both the kids were ill and we had to cancel all our fun plans to do nothing but sit indoors, I am started the week in a bad mood as it was such a crap weekend! Anyway sorry for that rant! Love this and the photos are gorgeous, what a fun weekend! xx

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    Oh this is such a lovely post and blogging really is a wonderful thing (well I think so anyway) and perfect for documenting all the fun things you do on a daily basis. I have also found that my friends circle has really grown because of blogging – something I didn’t expect and the super support from everyone

    Laura x

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