The one in which we begin a new life


I’ve been writing this post in my head for weeks. I kept hoping that things would fall into place to bring me to this point, right now, where I am sitting at my computer and sharing plans for an amazing new future.

These plans have been a while in the making and, right up until a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t think they would become a reality. But they have. And I keep pinching myself to believe it.

We are moving. Not just down the road either. Not even to a nearby town. No, we’re going a bit further.

We are moving more than 170 miles away, to begin a new life in Devon.

Wow, it felt good writing that!

While there are pieces of the puzzle I can’t yet share, it feels good to know that all those elusive bits have finally slotted together, so that we can begin a life we barely dreamed possible just six months ago.

A life near my parents, near the sea, amongst beautiful countryside and a slower, more normal pace of life.

I’m looking forward to some amazing new work projects, including getting stuck into my role as Editor for the brilliant parent blogging network that is Tots100. I’m looking forward to choosing paint and picking out colours for the very first home we will ever own. And I’m looking forward to spending more time with that delicious, diva-esque child of mine.

Bring on the future. Here’s to the summer!

Now… any tips on moving / Devon / house-hunting / packing / not having a relocation-induced panic attack? Much appreciated, thank you.



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      We’re looking at the southern edge of Dartmoor. Ashburton / Buckfast.. possibly! Have yet to find a house yet though. Needs to be within commuting distance of Torquay where my husband’s new job is. x

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    Oooh! I bet it feels so good to get that out in the open! These things always feel more real when you can tell other people & they can share your excitement. How fabulous! Can’t wait to read all about your coming adventures xxx

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    That sounds amazing. Such a beautiful place for a young family. Like Alison, I can’t wait to read more about your adventure. Good luck with the move and settling in, but I am sure having your parents around will make it very easy for you x

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    Wow, what a brilliant new direction to you all. I’m not at all envious, honest. Plus Devon is pretty close to Bristol so do pop in from time to time to see us all.

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      Trying to focus on the excitement rather than the nerves! Excitement currently winning. Ready for it now I think (that view may change when I’m drowning in a pile of boxes!). x

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      We’ve got to find a house first! Looking Ashburton / Buckfastleigh kind of way. Near Totnes, a bit more inland from the coast but within a short drive. Lots of lovely villages around the southern edge of Dartmoor. Still can’t believe it’s actually happening! x

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    Oh my word! I can totally feel your liberation in this post!! What a wonderful feeling and how incredibly exciting! A happy adventure.

    My only tip? Keep up the sense of humour in large doses. And best of luck. What an exciting time for you :)


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      I have a feeling a sense of humour and wine are both going to be the things that get me down there and through the piles of boxes phase!

  5. Kate says


    Am sure it will be utterly Brilliant and, as much as we will miss you waking us up each day (not entirely sure how I’m going to break it to small Daughters), I agree with others that I am truly excited to hear about your new life as it unfolds!!
    Relocating is always daunting, but I think the trick is to embrace the change and simply cross each bridge as you come to it!!
    Oh, and I cannot recommend enough paying Removals Firms to pack for you – they do it way better and in a fraction of the time!!!!

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      Removals are definitely the way forward. Once we get our house sorted that’s my next job on the long list! Thanks for your lovely comment. x

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    How very very exciting. I am SO pleased for you. Here’s to you getting more of a home / life balance and some sleep!!

    Have lots of moving tips. Shout when you need them

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    Fab news Molly, I can’t think of anyone who deserves a slower pace of life than you, you’re probably the hardest-working person I know! Here’s to a bright future for you and your gorgeous family.

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      Thanks Aly – I think I will need all the luck I can get! Going to be facing two moves in six months, one into a temporary rental while we find the house we want to buy. Scary but exciting!

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    Wow that’s brilliant news, you must be delighted! You’ll have a much better quality of life and you’ll love it. My best moving tip is get packers :))

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    Sounds wonderful! Really happy for you :)

    Tips? Declutter first – we got rid of almost everything and moved to Ireland with all that was left in the back of a Transit (including a dining room table, chairs, sofa and a piano)

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    Fantastic news Molly! Yay!

    Moving from London the The Ford was the best thing we ever did – we love the quieter life here.

    Devon is beautiful – you’re going to become a chicken rearing, chillaxed, earth mother I see it now! ;0)

    Congrats on your news xx

  11. Merolyn Whitaker says

    Grew up in Devon, forced to leave for work, hubby etc etc. Dream of going back (probably to the South of the moor too). Not long now hopefully. You’ll love it!

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    Congrats! How wonderful everything is coming together and being near folks is amazing! We don’t regret moving from London one bit! Cheers, here’s to your new start x


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