The things that will make me beautiful

As I hurtle toward my 30th birthday I’ve become a bit addicted to finding new, quality beauty products offering the illusion of “radiance” that I rarely feel. As I peer at myself in the mirror, I can see the ghostly spectre of fine lines beginning to form, along with under-eye shadows a panda would be proud of. It’s not a good look.

When I got married back in 2011, I invested in some beautiful Liz Earle hot polish cleanser, some very posh Dior make-up and a shampoo and conditioner from Aussie Hair. Frivolous? Yes. Indulgent? Too right. Worth the cash? Of course.

Since then, I haven’t splashed out on many beauty buys for myself. That’s slowly changing though, as I recently invested in a Bioderma Sensibio H20 cleanser, as recommended by Alice at More Than Toast. I’ve also got some Emma Hardie products on order, along with a Touche Eclat Radiant Touch from Yves Saint Laurent.

I have become vain and now accept it’ll take more than a dash of my daughter’s sudocrem and a bit of soap to make my skin shine.

Here are my latest beauty wants, as appearing on my Shopcade lists.

Feel good, look goodClearly it doesn’t end there. I’ve also notched up the following:

Sugar Crush Body Scrub

Sugar Crush from Soap & Glory, via Shopcade, £8.00

Urban Decay, Naked Palette, via Shopcade, £36

Urban Decay, Naked Palette, via Shopcade, £36

Dior, Rock Coat, via Shopcade, £18

Dior, Rock Coat, via Shopcade, £18

Tell me, did you suddenly become more interested in taking care of yourself when you reached a milestone birthday? Is the next step doing something REALLY silly like splashing out on a hugely pricey handbag or a pair of designer heels?!


Disclosure: As an ambassador for Shopcade, I get sent lovely items to keep from time to time. If you like Pinterest and shopping, it’s worth checking out the site. You earn points which lead to rewards, just for making lists of pretty things – as well as cashback for products purchased through the site.




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    I was totally gutted when I went for a facial three years ago (aged 31) and the therapist recommended an anti-ageing cream. I now wish I had listened to her advice!

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