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Joy Dresses

One of the things I like best about being a Shopcade ambassador is discovering new brands.

Until recently, I’d never come across Joy The Store or 18 and East before – but what a discovery that was.

I’m currently in the market for a range of wedding outfits to kit me out for the gazillion weddings I have this year. Weddings don’t come particularly cheap, so I’m not keen on spending a fortune on a different dress each time. But now, with the help of trusty Shopcade, I don’t need to.

Joy The Store and 18 and East are both my new go-to places for inexpensive fashion, that I won’t be likely to see on another guest at a party. Their designs are unique enough to be a bit quirky and cheap enough to avoid the guilt I often feel when buying frivolous stuff I don’t really need. (Both dresses in the picture above are from Joy and retail at £20 each.)

It’s not all about the dresses though. If you’re not a dress type of person you can browse a bit more and come across your favoured skirt/top or trouser/top combo.

Skirt and top - Joy The Store

Both the skirt and top in this picture are from Joy – and both cost less than £50.

And – because Shopcade is full of familiar and new brands alike – you can also find items from your old faithfuls, like Dorothy Perkins, Asos, Debenhams etc.

TopsI know what you’re thinking: “Yeah, whatever. She’s a Shopcade ambassador, she would say that.” But it’s true. I genuinely never buy anything online now without checking for a deal on Shopcade. And, most of the time, I already know what I want because I’ve already added it to one of my Shopcade lists.

I get points just for logging onto the site, and I don’t just use it when I’m in the mood for buying. If I have a spare 5 minutes, I’ll pop onto Shopcade and have a browse – in much the same way as I would if I was early for a meeting and there was a shop over the road.

If the idea of social shopping puts you off, it needn’t do. Shopcade is very similar to Pinterest and incredibly easy to navigate – even I can do it without a hitch.

If you join up, come and find me on there – and check out my Fashion for Under £50 list. It’s FULL of bargains!


Disclosure: As a Shopcade ambassador, I regularly get sent lovely things from the site. All views in this post remain my own. Obviously.



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