How a change in body image led to a change in style

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One of the biggest revelations for me over the past six months has been a shift in my “style identity”. I’ve always loved clothes (back in the 90s I’d spend all my pocket money in Tammy Girl) but after becoming a mum for the second time four years ago I fell into a bit of a fashion rut.

My feelings about my body played a huge roll in what I chose to wear, along with a sense of what a mum of two in her 30s “should” look like. I tried to get creative with breastfeeding fashion and, later, throw myself into being able to wear dresses again once I was no longer feeding but, ultimately, I always wore a variation on the same three outfits: jeans and jumper, midi dress or skirt, skinny jeans and baggy shirt.

At the beginning of the summer, bored by having a bulging wardrobe but nothing to wear, I decided it was time to gift myself with some new clothes that matched my altered mindset. I’d spent two years really working on my feelings about my body and, interestingly, this shift in attitude saw a shift in the clothes I was attracted to – and the best bit? I’d not had to change the shape of my body in order to feel able to wear these new clothes. 

Now it’s autumn and I’m continuing to overhaul my wardrobe, it’s amazing what I’ve been drawn to that I’d previously disregarded. Short skirts? I’m coming for you. Tight tops under high waist jeans? Yes please. Clashing prints and riots of colour? You bet.

These are all looks that I used to think were too extra for a mum, worried I’d flash my bum at soft-play or stand out too much on the school run. But now I don’t care. It’s a well worn cliche but life is too short to worry about that stuff and, let’s face it, I may be approaching my 35th birthday but I’ll never be this young again.

Step one of the wardrobe overhaul was to take four bin-bags of clothes to the charity shop and chuck a full drawer of old ratty underwear away. In fact, before I bought any new clothes I started on my underwear drawer, buying some pretty pants and bralettes. I’ve also added this stunning lace Pierre Mantoux bodysuit to my underwear drawer although, as you can see from the pics, it doubles up as a top in its own right.

Pierre Mantoux bodysuit UK lingerie

Pierre Mantoux bodysuit UK Lingerie

UK Lingerie Pierre Mantoux bodysuitUK Lingerie Pierre Mantoux

In the past I’d never have even considered wearing a top that was remotely see-through, let alone posting photos of me wearing it on the internet. Which goes to show that a leopard (or a 34 year old mum) can change her spots after all.

If clothes are your thing then I’ve got a What I Wore in a Week on holiday video going up on YouTube very soon which talks about how my change in mindset has shaped my change in style. Make sure you’re subbed to my channel so you don’t miss it!




Thanks to UK Lingerie for opening my eyes to the benefit of a bodysuit with this beautiful Pierre Mantoux Mirta Bodysuit. Turns out bodysuits aren’t just for the 90s. All words, photographs and opinions are my own, as ever. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page. 



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