All About Me


Former disco queen, turned broadcast news journalist, turned mum, I live in Devon with the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine and our daughters, Frog (born in June 2010) and Baby Girl (born in October 2014).

I like hot cups of tea, cold glasses of wine, pretty cushions and Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips. I’m prone to Instagramming all of the above. Oh, and I eat too much cheese.

Since having my first daughter Frog (not her real name – I’m not that mean) I found out I enjoyed writing things other than radio news scripts and making videos about stuff other than news.

Becoming a mum led to a change in career for me. I used to be a broadcast journalist for a radio station, now I work as a features writer, blogger and YouTuber, where I write and make videos about all sorts of aspects of mum life, from body confidence and raising girls to our latest room makeover. There’s a wide variety of content here to mirror my wide variety of interests!

In June 2013, we packed our bags and moved from our home in rural Berkshire, near London, down to Devon for a change of lifestyle. Currently revamping our first proper home, you can expect to find plenty of posts about my latest interiors projects too.

Clearly the title of this blog is ironic. I have spent many days of motherhood so far thinking I am never going to know how to “do it”, let alone “do it right”. But on those days I just try to remember there is no right way to do it. No “right” way, that is, except my own way.

And if that doesn’t work, I ask my mum. Because if I’m not right, my mum almost always is.



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