How we display our childrens’ art (and a mum confession)

Displaying children's art

So let’s get something straight right off the bat, OK? I don’t lovingly store away every single piece of artwork my kids make. In fact, I don’t even keep half of it. Most of it goes in the bin, once the girls are safely tucked up in bed and none the wiser. They’ve never asked where a particular “lost” painting is though, so I think most of the ones that don’t make the cut aren’t that valued anyway. I like to think it’s the process and not the end result they love, you know?

Anyway, now we’ve got that little mum confession out of the way, I can tell you what we do with the priceless pieces that do make the grade. They get put into a frame and hung on the wall at the end of the dining table, for all to see. Now that Baby Girl’s coming home from pre-school with her own pieces of art it was time to add a new frame to the wall, so she could showcase some of her own masterpieces. Enter: The Articulate Gallery with their range of slot-sided frames.

The frame is sturdy (there are different options depending how many pictures you want to display) and has a lovely smooth finish. But, most importantly, it has no glass on the front and a large slot in the side so you can easily swap pictures around as they come into the house.

It makes displaying kids’ artwork so easy, and if you hang the frames low enough (we haven’t as there’s a radiator in the way) you could let your children put their own art in the frames once a picture is finished.

If you’re interested in more ideas for displaying kids’ art then check out this post I wrote for Roost last year as it might prove useful!





Thanks to The Articulate Gallery for working with me on this post. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page. 


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