What they don’t tell you about nesting…

“I am NOT posing with a pressure washer,” stated my usually compliant husband. “I’m sorry but I draw the line at that.” My latest attempts to rope the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine into “doing his bit” for my blog weren’t going well. I’d asked him to clean the car under the guise of doing a review, but what was actually happening was a serious case of nesting.

You see, what they don’t tell you about the crazy nesting phase when you’re in the third trimester of pregnancy, is that it doesn’t just cover the house.

In fact, my house remains a neglected mess at the moment – but the car, well the car is GLEAMING. Of course I won out in the end. “I’ve never been asked to pose with a pressure washer before,” moaned the NLM, as he buckled under my pleas, desperate for me to leave him alone so he could go back to sitting in the sunshine.

Vax pressure washer 2200w

His accessory of choice? The Vax Pressure Washer 2200w, complete with car cleaning kit.

You see, it had got to the stage where I was close to refusing to travel in our family car. Outside, it was covered in bird droppings, thick black dust and baked-on smears of spilled ice-cream. Inside, it had become a festering pool of empty drinks bottles, brown banana skins (thanks Frog), diet coke cans and discarded crisp wrappers. The term “health hazard” springs to mind.

So out came the Vax pressure washer and, after a bit of gentle encouragement, the NLM threw himself into the job with purpose while I did the hard work and took a few photos.

Pressure washer

Vax pressure washer

Seeing every speck of dirt sprayed out of oblivion was hugely satisfying – and made me itch to get to work on the house too. There’s something about being pregnant that makes me feel restless and keen to scrub, scour and wash. As I watched the NLM scrub the outside of his car and then vacuum the inside, it was like a switch was flicked and I couldn’t wait to get to work on everything that needed doing in the house (an effect I don’t think he’d bargained on).

What the NLM loved about the Vax Pressure Washer 2200w:

  • The long hose – the hose on the Vax Power Wash Complete 2200w is a whopping 10 metres long, meaning you don’t need to carry the body of the washer around with you as you clean the car.
  • The instructions – the NLM put the pressure washer together, with a little help from my dad, and I’m told they found it easy and without fuss to do. Of course this may have been helped by the fact my dad already has a (different brand) pressure washer himself, but overall they say it was a hassle-free job.
  • The attachments – the NLM used a variety of attachments that came with the car wash kit, his favourite being the rotary wash brush which he used to get the black grime off the alloys.
  • The power – as their name implies, pressure washers use the power of a forceful spurt of water to get caked-on grime off something. They’re great for cleaning outside spaces like patios and walls, where a scrubbing brush and elbow grease just won’t cut it. The NLM had never used a pressure washer to clean his car before and said it made it a long job a much shorter, easier task.

We ended up having to take the pressure washer to my parents’ house to use, as we don’t have an outside tap. This is something that you might need to consider if you’re planning on investing in your own Vax Pressure Washer.

In the battle of Dirt vs Man, Man was definitely victorious this time.

And, once again – because there’ll never be another time I’ll be able to persuade my husband to pose with pressure washer – let’s just take in the glory of that long hose….

Posing with a pressure washer


Thanks to Vax who sent us a Power Wash 2200w Complete for the purpose of this review. You can buy your own online for £179.99. All opinions remain my own. 




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    Haha Matt will be so jealous, he keeps asking me if I can get him a pressure washer to review on the blog (after he saw the steam cleaner!), I would have an impossibly hard time getting him to pose with it though. You did well! x

  2. says

    Thanks for your great review! We’re really pleased you and your partner enjoyed using the Pressure Washer so much, and got some great results.

    It was really important to us to deliver a Pressure Washer that was convenient to use across large areas and on larger vehicles, and that didn’t need to be moved around every 2 minutes. We’re therefore delighted you found the 10m hose so useful!

    Dan @ Vax

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