The perfect spring jacket

perfect spring jacket by Joules

There are a few times in my life I’ve fallen head over heels with an item of clothing. My first pair of Adidas Gazelles, for example, or a particularly vibrant turquoise coat I got for Christmas circa 2004. Over the years, clothes have come and clothes have gone but there will always be those particularly loved pieces that remain etched in my memory, as embedded to a time and place in my life as a nostalgic song or familiar smell. My new spring jacket is one of those pieces.

The Coastline waterproof jacket by Joules has become a school run staple, weekend staple and everything in between. The only time I haven’t worn it is in the evening with a pair of heels but, seeing as I don’t get out all that much these days, that doesn’t say much. 

spring jacket

The vibrant yellow is as Instagrammable as a fresh bouquet of flowers or artfully placed cup of coffee but, more importantly, it’s FUN. I love that I can throw it on over a pair of jeans and jumper and instantly feel a spring in my step, like I’ve shrugged myself into a little piece of sunshine. This might sound corny (especially when you consider the school run is often far from “a little piece of sunshine”), but it’s true. Wearing this jacket makes me happy.

There are nautical stripes on the lining of the hood and sleeves, which is another plus point as far as I’m concerned. And, perhaps most importantly, the cut is flattering and comfortable. Aside from my pyjamas, I can’t think of much more that would beat this jacket in the comfort stakes.

perfect spring jacket in yellow

You know you’re onto a winner when people stop you to compliment your outfit on the school run – even when you’re rocking a yogurt stained jumper underneath. Behold the power of the perfect spring jacket.

Oh, and it’s waterproof too. Did I mention that? Handy when doing the school run in the torrential downpours we’ve had the past few days here in Devon. Also particularly useful when attempting a candid photo shoot amid the enthusiastic tides of Cornwall…

In short, if you’re looking for a bright spring jacket that will shield you from the April showers, keep you warm on the school run and protect your hair from spring drizzle, this is the one. I promise, you will fall for it hard. Just be sure to keep it out of reach of children – both of mine have already tried to snaffle it.


(Thanks to Joules for the beautiful gifted jacket. To read more of my wonderful break with Joules to Cornwall, check out this post.)



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    I’ve been eyeing this jacket up for the longest time. I’m desperate for it. It’s just perfect! You really suit it too. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy it soon!

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