A rainy afternoon

Jumping in puddles

Rain. It feels like it’s seeping into every pore at the moment. The rain is unforgiving and relentless, varied only in the direction it pelts you in the face. From arrows of ice to a fine misty drizzle that makes your eyes sting, the rain has been our most constant companion this January.

My claims that, “A bit of rain never hurt anyone” have been wearing thin recently. With flooding devastating farmland and ruining homes, the rain has been far from meek. But on Friday afternoon, after a morning indoors, my three year old was chomping at the bit. She could see huge puddles outside our living room window just waiting to be splashed in.

I admit I wasn’t keen. But no matter how many times I tried to persuade Frog that we’d get wet and probably end up cold and miserable, it made no difference. So we suited and booted up – me in my tired old waterproof and leaky wellies, Frog in her brand spanking new wet weather gear courtesy of Kozi Kidz – and ventured outdoors.

The rain was unforgiving. It was a driving rain, coupled with gusty winds that whipped the water up into our faces. The conditions were, arguably, ideal for putting Frog’s new Varberg lined rain trousers and rain jacket through their paces.

About thirty seconds after this last photo was taken, Frog found out what happens when she ignores my warnings not to splash in the very deepest part of the puddle. She got water in her wellies, a soggy foot, and then decided it was time to go home.

Once inside, we discovered the only part of Frog’s body that had got wet were her toes, showing that the Kozi Kidz rain wear really does live up to its name. I, on the other hand, was soaked through.

Do you still get outside when it rains? Is mine the only child to be drawn to the deepest part of the puddle?!



Disclosure: We were sent the Kozi Kidz items featured in this post for the purpose of review. All opinions remain my own. 


  1. says

    Wow now that’s a puddle!

    Don’t worry though you are not alone. My 3 year old doesn’t give a stuff about the rain and I am frequently the lone parent in a mac shivering in the park.

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