33 thoughts every mum has when her baby goes down for a nap

Sleeping baby

1. YES! I managed to get her to have a sleep in her cot! Winning.

2. I wonder how long she’ll sleep for.

3. Maybe she’ll nap for two hours like that time last week.

4. TWO HOURS! What can I do with two whole hours?!

5. I’ll have a bath. I can even straighten my hair.

6. Actually, better put the washing on the line first. 

7. Oh, and unstack the dishwasher.

8. Was that her stirring? Please don’t let her be awake already.

9. I should probably tidy away the breakfast dishes.

10. Maybe she’ll sleep for three hours. That would be amazing. I could clean the whole house! I could clear all that work that I’ve been putting off!

11. I’ll just check Facebook.

12. She’s been asleep for half an hour now. Safe to put a boasty status update on Facebook about how my baby’s sleeping? Nope… better not chance it. Tempting fate and all that.

13. Shall I have a bath?

14. Blimey this bathroom is filthy. I’ll just quickly give it the once over before I run that bath.

15. Hoovering! I could do the hoovering! Or will it wake her?

16. I should probably prepare her lunch just in case I don’t have a chance to do it when she wakes up.

17. Is she awake? Was that her?

18. Bloody postman! He’s going to wake her up!

19. Argh! The landline phone! Who even invented phones that ring anyway? What a stupid bloody invention.

20. She’s definitely going to be awake now.

21. Phew. Right, well I could hang the washing up. Just another quick check of Facebook first. Oh and while I’m here I’ll just nip onto Instagram and Twitter.

22. How did I just lose ten minutes of sacred baby nap time on social media? What a waste!

23. What shall we have for tea tonight? I could make tea now and get really ahead of myself.

24. I’ll just start that bit of work first.

25. She’ll probably wake up in a minute though. No point getting the laptop out.

26. I wonder how long she’ll sleep for. I’ll just Google “Baby nap times for a nearly six month old.”

27. Pft, the internet doesn’t know anything about baby sleep. Google is useless.

28.  Have I eaten today? I’m starving. Two hands free! I’ve got two whole hands! I could make something other than toast.

29. And a hot cup of tea! This is the best day EVER.

30. I really should run that bath.

31. She’s been asleep for a full hour now. Definitely time to hit Facebook and tell the world. I know everyone will be SO interested in my baby’s sleep patterns.

32. Today could be a two hour nap day. YES! I’ll definitely have time for a bath.

33. Damn. She’s awake.



  1. says

    This is just a perfect example. Only I get stuck under the napping baby so can’t think anything other than what’s on tv to pass the time.

  2. says

    Haha, too true. They should definitely let you know how long they’re planning to sleep in advance, I feel I’d have been way more productive then x

  3. Ghislaine Forbes says

    Funny. Conjures up images of Catherine Tate sketch; they turn up to friends for lunch but she refuses to get out of the car in case the baby wakes. The friends serve the meal up through the car windows but the first course is soup and it’s too noisy. Eventually the friends come into the car with their food and give Catherine Tate’s character and her husband a “baby card”. When it’s opened it makes a noise. CT tears the card up and the friends get out. She hasn’t slept for 6 months and is completely neurotic. Very very funny. Love ma x

  4. Kirsten says

    loved this, try with twins and hope they both stay asleep for the same amount of time or one doesn’t wake the other!

  5. says

    Hahaha! Same here. Every day. That and “Maybe I should unplug the telephone in case someone rings and it wakes her. Wait, no, I can’t do that. What if something happens to me and Talitha needs to ring 999. Darn it, it’s ringing!”

  6. says

    LOL, thx for making me laugh!

    “12.” is my fav. I ust love it how we all get superstitious in situations like that. Also, the paranoia can really get to you. I remember I would always avoid going to the toilet because it was really near my son’s bedroom.

    At the same time I miss those days and dread because my son was a good day sleeper but a bad night sleeper, to the point that he was waking up EVERY hour and a half for MONTHS. We had to sleep train him and I wrote an article about our experiences called Every child can learn to sleep. Hope you learn from my mistakes 😉

  7. Jessica says

    I have just that thought process but then it’s usually followed by one more – damn I should really have tried to sleep while he was sleeping. Why do other people suggest that “you should sleep when baby sleeps” do they not realise how many other things you need/want to do with free time?

  8. Sadie says

    Yes, I well remember those days, even though my ‘baby’ is now twenty five years old! When I was ‘stuck’ under a sleeping baby I had no mobile phone, no internet, limited tv channels – you lot have so much more nowadays!! My regret is ‘wishing time away’ cos when it was tough it seemed to last forever :(. It REALLY is true that time goes faster as you get older and the time it takes for your baby to become an adult is gone in a flash…


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