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Blogger Bump Club

This week has been all about survival for me. It’s fair to say the whole having a child with a broken leg thing is getting a bit old now. My back is aching from lifting her, my ankles and feet are getting puffier by the day and I’m just, well, knackered.

It’s not all moan, moan, moan though. With any luck Frog’s cast will be taken off in a couple of weeks and then, a week after that, it will be the school holidays meaning the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine will be at home (he’s a teacher) and adventures can begin.

When we talked about having a second baby we both agreed the autumn would be an ideal time for us. Frog will be at school by then, plus the NLM will be at home over the summer when I’m huge and struggling to juggle work deadlines with being pregnant and running around after a four year old. Mind you, it’s recently dawned on me this means Frog will be facing two huge areas of change in one go: becoming a big sister and starting school. Any advice on how to prepare her for that would be much appreciated!

As well as survival, the last couple of weeks have been about facing up to the fact we’re actually going to be having a baby pretty soon. I feel suddenly very, very pregnant and people keep asking me how long I’ve got to go, as if they’ve only just noticed the big old bump I’m carrying around with me. I’m met with an instant look of sympathy when I say I’ve got another 3 months!

27 week bump

Although 27 weeks seems too soon to get panicky about baby stuff, we did dig out the beautiful moses basket we used for Frog the other day. It’s now sitting in the nursery, along with an empty chest of drawers that used to be my late grandmother’s, a rocking chair and a wall with samples of mint and yellow coloured paint daubed all over it.

moses basket

The baby will be in our room with us for the first few months at least but, for now, the nursery is becoming the place where all baby-related paraphernalia gets placed. We’re slowly squirreling away new bits and bobs, including a couple of things I never had when Frog was tiny: a nursing pillow and a Snooze Shade.

Baby products

Over the next month I need to start making some big decisions about maternity leave and maternity allowance, which is making everything seem even more real too. I’ve already spoken to most of my main clients and have some arrangements in place, but there’s still lots to organise. Any advice you have about returning to work (working from home) as a self-employed new mum would be much appreciated – I didn’t start working again until Frog was 6 months old but I think this time it’s going to be much sooner than that!

link up!

So how have you been? Are you nearly at the end of your pregnancy or have you just announced you’re expecting (congratulations to Kerry at Oh So Amelia – a brand new addition to the #BlogBumpClub!)?

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  1. says

    You’ll be relieved to hear we got the crib out last week too. Don’t think I left it too late at 39 weeks do you?! I think you’ll all cope with the period of change that’s ahead. I also don’t think any time is better than any other so don’t worry too much about that. Kids always surprise me with how easily they accept things. I’ve just bought the girls a present each from the new baby, so if all else fails there’s always bribery! x

  2. says

    As this is my first, I unfortunately have no advice re Frog’s big life changes or returning to working self-employed. Sorry! I remember the sympathetic looks to saying you have 3 months left, those looks have turned to panic when I say one week now haha xx

  3. says

    How exciting getting out the moses basket ready for your arrival. Loving the snooze shade too, i’ve heard so many good things about them. Hope you make the right decision regarding maternity leave, I can’t offer any advice I’m afraid as I didn’t go back to work until Amelia was 14 months old. Will be back later in the week to add my bump update :)


  4. says

    Technically I know where the Moses basket is, and I think I could probably find the sheets too at a pinch but I’m putting off any kind of preparing until I’m on maternity leave and got the chance to think about what I want where without two tiny assistants! I think you can only do the best you can to prepare for a new baby sibling and school all at once, and it might work in your favour in the sense that she gets something that’s new and hers (school) – I started taking Kitty to ballet class when Elma was really still quite tiny so that we’d have some time that focused on her rather than most things revolving around this small new sister and I think that helped.

    • says

      Here’s hoping! We talk about the baby lots and she speaks to the baby by leaning into my tummy – the other day she whispered, “Will you be my friend when you are born Baby?” which made me well up. Hoping she’s as affectionate come autumn!

  5. says

    OH crikey! must be hard dealing with a broken leg too! I’m impatient to get everything out and ready for this baby! Linking up for the first time :)

    • says

      Massive congratulations! Lovely to see a new blogger join the #BlogBumpClub. I’m so disorganised – we still have a huge amount to sort out before the baby arrives. Roll on the school hols and the teacher husband being at home to start getting things sorted!

  6. says

    I’m with you on the work thing and the school thing. Not even sure that I will take maternity leave at all and the thought of that makes me sad! I was 6 months pregnant when Eva started school and teaching full time. Luka was due in the December and I took maternity leave early as I found it so emotional, and so hard leaving her at before and after school club. Looking back, it was a lot to do with hormones and how I was feeling and she more or less breezed through the school/ baby thing. This time I will be 7 months pregnant when Luka starts and already I am getting emotional about it. BUT I know that he will flourish with both events- the baby and school You have to trust that kids are resilient and that having a sibling is, ultimately, a wonderful experience. I will be here with you! x x x

    • says

      I am SO bloody hormonal – your comment just made me cry! It still sort of feels a bit unreal that F is starting school and that, very soon, we will have a brand new baby in the house. We’re so used to being a family of three it’s going to be wonderful but very strange to suddenly be a family of four! xxx

  7. says

    I found that sorting out my maternity allowance, and everything was very very stressful. Hated every minute of it :( hope you have a better experience then me.
    You look amazing by the way. I’m currently 31 weeks and i have bump envy with almost everyone i see because my bump is so tiny! but i’m learning to except that as long as she is healthy thats all that matters! fed up of hearing the phrase ‘just wait you’ll just pop one day’. hope your well x
    steph |

  8. says

    You look lovely in the photo, and it sounds like you are doing well and getting organised. I love the moses basket, and the pretty cover on the feeding pillow. Roll on the summer holidays, I hope some relaxed family time together will help you all feel positive about the next adventures!

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