Celebrating the ordinary

Celebrating the ordinary: managing to persuade a toddler to have an afternoon nap = win.

Celebrating the ordinary: managing to persuade a toddler to have an afternoon nap = win.

Last week I wrote a post admitting I often struggle with feeling “not good enough“. It was one of those posts that sees you hesitate before hitting publish. I worried that I’d been too vulnerable, admitted too much, been a bit needy. No one likes needy.

But I’m glad I wrote that post. The huge range of comments it provoked, both on the blog, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, all made me realise it’s not just me. It would seem every single one of us has the odd nagging doubt from time to time.

I admitted I sometimes didn’t feel like I was doing “enough” in my working life (despite often working around 70 hours a week). I held my hands up to the fact I very rarely felt like I was doing “enough” in my role as a mum and wife. I openly shouted that I’m RUBBISH at keeping on top of the housework and the washing.

But then a funny thing happened. I had comments from other mums with sparkly careers in the media and finance. I had comments from other mums who spend all day making homemade playdough and sensory tubs. I had comments from mums with immaculate homes.

I had comments from university students worried about getting top grades, comments from dads struggling with juggling work and fatherhood and comments from grandparents who feel they should do more.

And the common theme amongst every single comment? NO ONE felt like they were continually being good enough. Whatever that may be.

And it got me thinking, maybe we need to start shouting more about the ordinary stuff. I’m not talking about the parenting wins or the amazing career breaks or the huge big life announcements on Facebook. I’m talking about the little things – making tea without burning the saucepan. Getting the kids to bed without a tantrum. Going a full two days in a row without a celebratory glass of wine in the evening.

THESE are the things we need to make more of. Then maybe we’d all realise we’re pretty much the same. Whatever your family finances, the size of your house, the success of your career, the skill of your baking or playdough making – no one is perfect all the time. And you know what? That’s OK actually.

So, here’s your chance to celebrate the ordinary. What normal, mundane stuff has gone right for you today?



  1. Kate says

    Smallest Daughter (on getting to the otherside of the road): Mummy!! I didn’t even get SQUISHED!!

    Counts as a victory in our House……

  2. says

    My daughter has celebrated her second birthday today. She had a few presents, two friends round, and a pizza for dinner. An ordinary birthday, but a perfect one in her little world. My aim, every day, is not to try to be a perfect mummy, but a good enough mummy. I think it’s a sound mantra to live by.

  3. Vicky @ Monkey's Mummy says

    I did the washing up and hoovered the house before I left for work! I can’t even remember the last time I did housework so this was a pretty massive achievement! x

    • says

      That is a HUGE achievement. How anyone manages to get housework done and get to work and get kids out the door to nursery / school etc is beyond me! x

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