Are you forgetting something?

Today I’m welcoming Dave Herbert from Yale to the blog, to talk about how you can keep your treasures safe. And by treasures, we’re not talking big TVs, expensive jewellery or great big fat wads of cash…

YaleDid I leave the oven on? Have I remembered P.E. kits and nappy bags? Did I lock up on the way out…? The phrase “are you forgetting something?” can send you spiralling, and home security is often just one of 101 things on a busy parent’s mind.

Yes, when you’re knee-deep in nappies or sprinting through the school run, some things can slip through the net. Thankfully though, most family homes will be covered by insurance, so while it’s a pain to go through the rigmarole of making a claim, you know it’s there if the worst were to happen.

That ensures you’re covered for the ‘big ticket’, expensive items like TVs, laptops and tablets. But are you forgetting something more important?

In a recent survey* asking what people consider to be their most treasured possession, 74% of respondents said that their most financially valuable possessions are not the most valuable to them – more likely, it’s just a piece of paper; things like photographs, certificates and children’s drawings.

Yale it 1

While these treasures might not necessarily get stolen in the event of a break-in, they could get lost or damaged. What’s more, family heirlooms that are both financially and sentimentally valuable are (sometimes quite literally!) a goldmine to a thief. You can get the item replaced, but all meaning will be gone.

And what about the other things that make a house a home? The memories a home holds – family dinners every Sunday, building a den in the living room with the kids, BBQs with friends in the garden – can be compromised if it is broken into.

That’s why home security specialists, Yale, are urging you to consider the ways in which you can keep your treasured possessions safe, with the ‘Yale It’ campaign. By taking a few simple steps, such as investing in a house alarm, or updating the locks on your doors and windows, you can make a big difference to keeping your home (and the memories it holds) protected.

Home security is about more than just protecting your possessions; it’s about protecting your memories. So if you ‘Yale It’, you can get the peace-of-mind needed to get on with the other hundred jobs on your to-do list!

Think about your most treasured, irreplaceable item, and find out more on how you can #YaleIt here:




Thanks to Yale for working with me on this post. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page.



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