The best day ever and staying healthy in autumn #nodulldays

Bassetts Multivitamins #nodulldays

I love this time of year. It might sound controversial but as soon as the clocks go back I get a little chill of excitement at being cosy – candles and blankets come into their own and I actively look forward to evenings on the sofa and weekend movie afternoons at home. Although I get dragged kicking and screaming into autumn, once the clocks go back I accept there’s nothing to be done and start to properly embrace it.

As much as the days in are comforting though, I’m aware I don’t want anyone in my family to lose out on their essential Vitamin D from the sunshine, which isn’t always easy to get if you’re holed up under a blanket on the sofa, revelling in the shorter daylight hours. This is where mulvitamins come into their own – particularly the new Bassetts Multivitamins for children aged 3-6 years.

Department of Health experts now recommend taking a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of Vitamin D during autumn and winter, so everyone gets the nutrients needed to protect bone and muscle health. Freya and Effie have taken this advice literally and now ask every morning without fail for their “breakfast sweeties”. It seems the apricot and peach flavour is a winner with my girls. As well as Vitamin D, the pastilles also contain a boost of Calcium which all helps to promote healthy teeth, muscle and bones.

It’s not about taking your vitamins and hiding under a blanket though. Because, as much as I love a slobby movie afternoon, everything in moderation and all that. And even if the weather’s dull outside it doesn’t mean the day has to be a dull one, so with this in mind last week for half term we made a concerted effort to get out and do something fun every day – even when it was raining.

One of my favourite days (and probably Freya’s too, if you’re asking) was a trip to a local family adventure park. It followed a day of being stuck indoors while the girls went stir crazy and Si and I attempted chores and DIY, so getting outside and letting off some steam was much needed.

We filmed it all (including the obligatory out-takes of a real family day out, uncut) and you can see it all in this video here: 

Our day out involved roller-coasters, pumpkin carving and multiple goes on the Flying Machine ride at Devon’s Crealy theme park (Simon particularly enjoyed going on the ride for the millionth time in a row – his face in this photo below is a new classic!).

With packed weekends, less-than-perfect weather and hectic work schedules we don’t always manage to make the most of our days together as a family, but this one felt like it lived up to all expectation and showed that it’s worth making the effort to do things out of our regular routine every now and again.

Of course, just because it’s not sunny and the temperature’s near freezing, doesn’t mean the girls won’t pester for an ice-cream on a day out. Is it ever not ice-cream weather where children are concerned?!


Having the Bassetts multivitamins to hand means that even when we don’t manage to get out and about, I don’t need to worry that the girls are missing out on the Vitamin D they’d get from the sun during the spring and summer months. You can buy the vitamins for £5.50 for a pack of 30 pastilles, which means they’re great value too.

And now our friends at Bassetts Vitamins have also created a fab code that you can use to get £2 off one pack of NEW Bassetts 3-6 years Multivitamins Peach & Apricot + Calcium 30s at All you need to do is sign in as normal, apply the code BASSMVS2 at the checkout and embrace #NoDullDays! You can only use the code once per transaction, and the code can only be redeemed on the first 5,000 valid claims until 23:59 on 12th November.*

*Subject to Boots T&Cs.



Thanks to Bassets Vitamins for commissioning this post and encouraging us to make the most of our half term. To find out more about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page. 


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    I’m also one who is dragged kicking and screaming into the Autumn – I so wasn’t ready for it this year. It can be really hard to make sure you keep getting out and about can’t it. Knowing the kids have got the vits they need already is a bonus.

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    My kids love these. My daughter just brought home a packet from shopping, she is excited she can have the next age up. I need to take some myself, Vit D is meant to help with SAD too, so someone told me and I always have to fight the winter blues off with lots of getting outdoors. Gorgeous pictures of you all, what a lovely, colourful, fun day out.

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