Dear daughters, what I wish for you

If there’s one thing I can guarantee it’s that, no matter how unsentimental I am, I will get soppy at Easter and Christmas. There’s something about these big holidays that makes me realise how quickly time is passing and then panic that I’m not making the most of these years while the girls are young.

For example, it seems just a minute ago that we went to the Isle of Wight with my parents for Easter, but that was actually three years ago now. Effie was a tiny, non-sleeping baby and Freya was in her first year at school. Now, scarily, she’s only got one more term left of being Year 3. SLOW DOWN TIME!

Anyway, what with feeling sentimental and it being a good time to take stock of things, I wrote my girls a little letter. I haven’t done one for a while and I probably won’t do another one for a good while longer, so here it is: 

Dear daughters,

What I wish, ultimately, is for you to both to be happy, fulfilled and loved. Everything you are now, forever. But this comes in various forms, and over the years you’ll no doubt wobble and come across challenges that make you forget these things. I wish for you to overcome these hurdles with humour, confidence and an ability to always be kind.

I wish for you to understand the importance of kindness and empathy, even when those around you aren’t showing it. Not just kindness to those you know but empathy and understanding to those you don’t, too.

I wish for you to surround yourself with people who see how amazing you are, appreciating your unique quirks in whatever form they take.

I wish for you to know how special you both are, and that your differences are positive things. I wish for you to see your privilege and carry it with care. I wish for you to laugh, many many many times, sometimes over things that should make you cry.

I wish for you to celebrate your uniqueness and turn away from the herd, if this makes you happy. I wish for you to never fall into the trap of comparing your own abilities, achievements and skills to others.

Be brave, strong, kind and love each other.


Mummy x




  1. Ghislaine Forbes says

    A lovely letter. And so wise. I often used to say to students to treat the person sitting next to you as you would wish to be treated. Hopefully this meant kindly. Love ma x

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