A free day out with Subway – Kids Eat Free!

Kids Eat Free at Subway

Somehow I’ve managed to make it through nearly eight years as a parent without going to Subway. This is due to a mixture of things, the main one being a misplaced idea that Subway didn’t cater for kids. I know! What was I thinking?! Because, at the moment, not only does Subway cater for kids – but they cater for them FOR FREE.

We were challenged by Subway to have a day out without spending any money on the kids, to celebrate the new Kids Eat Free deal at participating Subway stores. So off we went to our nearest Subway, which turned out to be a mere one mile away. (We used the online store locator to find our nearest store, and we checked the list of participating stores on the website to check if the Kids Eat Free deal was on there.)

Once there, we treated ourselves to a six-inch meal deal and both girls got a Kids’ Pak entirely free. So, to clarify, we fed the entire family for just £7. Bargain. WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN TO A SUBWAY BEFORE?!

Kids Eat Free deal at Subway

At nearly eight years old Freya is a big fan of food and loves nothing more than trying new things. She was overwhelmed by choice (“All these things are for sandwiches?!”) and opted in the end for a toasted turkey breast sandwich with cheese and salad. Effie had the same thing, but with ham and no mayo. And we all chose a white choc chip and macademia nut cookie for pudding, because #cookiesforlife. Best. Lunch. Ever.

Kids Eat Free at Subway

Back to the free day out then, and we took our Subway sandwiches to a nearby park for a picnic, followed by a muddy walk. Sitting on a bench overlooking the valley we tucked into our lunch and it wasn’t long before Freya started to question why we’d waited until she was nearly eight years old to introduce her to Subway.

The thing is, with Subway, you get all the convenience and taste with none of the guilt. The Kids’ Pak sub is low fat, low in saturated fat and low in sugars – as well as being a source of protein. It’s also two of your child’s five a day. And all for zero cost if you’re buying an adult’s six-inch sub meal deal. (Still can’t get my head around the fact we paid just £7 for lunch for all four of us!)

I don’t think I’ve had a Subway since I was a student, so I was kicking myself at all those lost years of Subway potential when I could have tucked into the Spicy Italian sub that I ate today. It lasted approximately one minute – just long enough for Si to grab a photo of me inhaling it.

After our bench picnic we wandered down into the valley to jump in some muddy puddles, find some big sticks and rescue a worm stranded on the path from probable death. All the fun stuff. It was a brilliant day and it cost us the grand sum of £7, proving that sometimes the best days out are the cheapest.

When I asked the girls, “Who wants to go back to Subway before the Kids Eat Free deal ends on 17th April?” this was their reaction:

That’s a resounding yes, then.



The Kids Eat Free deal is on at participating Subway stores in GB until 17th April 2018. Find out which stores are involved on the Subway website.

Thanks to Subway for working with me on this post. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page.


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    Subway always makes me think of holidays in America. I don’t know why I never think of going in this country. My kids would love it!

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