How to do the perfect Easter egg hunt with Cadbury

Some of my favourite childhood memories are from Easter. No matter how old I was, I was never too old for an Easter egg hunt (is 17 too old? Don’t judge me) and the best hunts involved various types of eggs – always chocolate, and always Cadbury.

We had hunts at cousins’ houses, in holiday homes and in our own garden at home, depending on where we were spending Easter. The excitement of spotting the foil wrapping glinting from behind a tree, then tallying up our Easter egg haul at the end of the hunt was very real.

Now I’m a mum myself, the excitement is in setting up the hunt and hoovering up any leftover shards of chocolate. The same rules apply as before though; it’s always a selection of eggs and always Cadbury.

We were invited by Cadbury to have a “practise” egg hunt in the run up to Easter, which is something the girls didn’t need to be asked twice about. Because I am an awful mean mother my kids don’t eat a massive amount of chocolate – it’s more of an occasional treat than a regular occurrence. However, the fact Freya’s currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory makes it a constant talking point in our house. She’s OBSESSED.

Given the choice, both girls will always go for milk chocolate over any other type and Dairy Milk is definitely their preferred option. So the selection of goodies in the range by Cadbury isn’t just right up their street, it’s up their street, through the front door and sitting on the dining table.

The anticipation of the hunt is one of the best bits. If it’s sunny, Freya and Effie will stay inside while I hide eggs around the garden (or my parents’ garden, if we’re visiting them for Easter as we often do). Sometimes I’ll make a little map, although in past years that’s turned out to be a waste of time as the kids are more interested in running around full pelt, searching for eggs, than inspecting a map.

We’ll have a “no eating right now” rule, which they’re both pretty good at following (to a point). The kids both have a little basket to put their finds in, and at the end we’ll separate them out so it’s all fair and tantrums are kept at bay. (Obviously Effie isn’t always in agreement with this rule…)

One of the great things about the Cadbury offering at Easter is the variety. We’ve come a long way from the traditional hollow chocolate egg – there are now mini eggs, the famous Crème eggs, Oreo eggs and many more to scatter alongside the bigger treats. This means you can stretch the Easter egg hunt out for longer, easily catering for lots of children (if you’re not planning to steal half the chocolate for yourself, that is).

The girls loved the Cadbury Dairy Milk bunnies, which you can now get in a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Super Pack (these also include Dairy Milk hollow eggs and Mini Eggs – a quick and easy way to get all your Easter Egg hunt necessities in one go, for just £6.99).

Freya was also particularly keen on the Oreo eggs – she loved the fun quirky packaging and the fact they come with a mini spoon to scoop out the middle. She even asked for an egg cup at one point which, as a child who detests a regular boiled egg, was a first.

After the hunt we stacked up the haul on the table. This was the bit when I’d planned to take some nice photos for the blog, but Effie clearly had other ideas. She couldn’t resist climbing on the table before trying to do a stealth egg steal when I wasn’t looking….

If you’re putting together an Easter basket as well as organising an Easter egg hunt for your kids – or if you’re just looking for a cute Easter themed bedtime story – then it’s worth hopping (sorry – couldn’t resist) over to the Cadbury website where you can download The Tale of the Great Easter Bunny, the debut book by my favourite former Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge. It’s a re-adaptation of the Tale of the Great Bunny created by Cadbury 20 years ago and features a character called Molly, which instantly makes it a winner as far as I’m concerned.

Have you got any tips for the perfect Easter egg hunt? I’m all (rabbit) ears.

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    I’m still as keen on Easter egg hunts now as I was as a child – can’t beat the excitement of a treasure hunt combined with chocolate: a winning combination.

  2. says

    I wholeheartedly agree with your rule of not eating the chocolate there and then and sharing it all fairly. I do the exact same thing, and apart from a moan or two, I’ve been able to maintain that with my 4 🙂


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