The new Capri-Sun Original and how to shake up boring a weekday evening

Capri-Sun Original Review

I love the sunshine, it makes me happy. I could quite easily live in a hot country and never moan about the heat (until it gets too hot, natch). The thing is, when you’ve got to go about your daily business, do school runs, crack on with work deadlines, it can feel like you’re not making the most of the weather. This is where the new Capri-Sun Original range came in handy earlier this week, when we decided to shake up a weekday evening and have some fun in the sun.

Weekday evenings are usually overrun with taxi-ing to various after-school clubs, or long trips to the park, followed by frantic tea-cooking (one-handed while holding a hangry three year old on my hip) and supervising Lego building, before the usual bedtime tantrum routines. They’re not the one.

So when the team at Capri-Sun sent me a haul of their new Original 50% less sugar range, I thought it could be a good opportunity to get out of the weekday evening rut and make the most of the sunshine. I’m glad we did, because it reminded me how important it is to grab these little pockets of joy when we can.

Capri-Sun Original Review

A short walk along the lane opposite our house, there’s a beautiful meadow that leads down to the river. It’s really shallow there, perfect for paddling and throwing pebbles into the water. For such a beautiful spot that’s literally on our doorstep we don’t make the most of it enough. You know when something’s literally right in front of you, you can just sort of forget about it? Yeah, that.

Anyway, I decided earlier on in the day to pack up a picnic, making the new Capri-Sun Original 50% less sugar the star of the show. We took our picnic tea down to the river and sat in the sunshine eating it, before paddling in the water (where Freya lost a flip-flop which had to be rescued downstream because what’s a family trip out of the house without an outtake moment?).

I remember often having Capri-Sun as a treat on a family picnic when I was a kid, and it seems the drink hasn’t lost any of the appeal it held for me back in the day. The iconic pouch gives it an immediate novelty factor for the kids, but it’s also massively lightweight and compact – making it the perfect picnic companion because it doesn’t take up loads of room and is always ready to drink.

One thing that has changed from back when I was little, though, is that the range now includes more choice and better Capri-Sun varieties with reduced sugar content and no added sugar, as well as no preservatives or artificial colours or flavours. The only sweetener it contains is from a natural source, and as a loyal Capri-Sun fan, I can confirm that the new lower sugar range tastes just as good now as it did when I was a kid.

After gorging on sandwiches, olives, quiche, salad and strawberries – all washed down with a tasty Capri-Sun – the girls got into their cozzies and went paddling in the water. It almost felt like we were on holiday, not just two minutes from the house on a typical weekday evening.

The whole evening was a welcome nudge to make the most of the little moments just as much as the big ones, and not just at weekends.





Thanks to Capri-Sun for the reminder of how to shake up our weekday evenings, and for commissioning this post. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page.

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