A trip to Badminton with Joules (and a bit of celeb spotting)

True fact: when I was about 14, I used to earn free horseriding lessons by mucking out stables and walking round and round a paddock leading naughty ponies with young children on top. “My” horse was called Queenie and I loved her strongly. In my head, I was an Olympic athlete, jumping over huge jumps and cantering with finesse. The reality was probably (definitely) a lot more awkward than that but, the truth remains, I bloody loved horses. So when the lovely clothing brand Joules invited me along to Badminton for a day watching fancy horses doing fancy things I jumped at the chance to relive my childhood.

Never having been to Badminton before, I had no idea what to wear. As tempted as I was to go in all-out tweed, I opted instead for the Joules Monroe skinny jeans (similar here), this pale pink shirt, this pale blue jersey blazer and my black Chelsea boots.

I’m already a big fan of the jeans and have them in a light blue – they’re so comfy and a really flattering high-waisted cut that covers my multiple mum-tum bulges. I took my trusty raincoat in case of any showers too.

Joules have been a part of Badminton for the past 27 years, and it was a luxury to browse the shop there without my small people (or very tall person) getting bored of me oohing and ahing over the pretty clothes. (Totally got my eye on this bag now.)

After looking at the fancy horses – who absolutely knew they were fancy, by the way – we went for a picnic lunch overlooking the mansion. It was one of those surreal moments (I don’t get many of these) that felt like stepping inside a Pinterest photo or the very depths of Instagram. Everything was adorned with beautiful blooms and even the food looked too pretty to eat (not enough to stop me eating everything in sight though, ahem).

Living in South Devon, it’s rare I get the chance to go along to many press events which, to be completely frank, bugs the hell out of me, often. When you work from home in an often isolating industry it can feel frustrating to not get the opportunity to catch up with fellow bloggers and journalists, so this trip was a huge boost. I got to share dinner that night with some really interesting people and soaked up every moment of my 24 hours of mum freedom at the very beautiful Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel.

To see a behind-the-scenes version of the trip, and find out which celeb I spent much time attempting to stalk, watch the video below…




Thanks to Joules for inviting me along and giving me such a brilliant 24 hours. And thanks to my blogging pal Emma for being my plus one bestie on the day. For more information on how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page. 


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      The quality is great isn’t it? I love their kidswear too – always washes really well and the prints are so lovely and bright!

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    What a fabulous sounding day. Love your outfit, love the photos and I’m so gutted I couldn’t come! Also Bath Spa hotel is where Mark popped the question all those years ago so it would have been ace to revisit.

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    Well Joules seem like just the loveliest brand! I saw some other bloggers posting about their day too and it looked lovely. I now want one of those flower arches permenantly erected in my garden! Xx

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    What a lovely treat and your outfit was perfect for the day. Oh, and the Joules caravan!!! I need it in my life 😉 I’m also in South Devon *waves* so know what you mean about having to forgo press days. This one looks like it made up for it though!

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      Ah thanks Colette! It was a fantastic day. And you don’t get near enough to the horses to touch them so you’d be fine!

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    It looks like such a fabulous day! My friends are all into horses, but I am allergic to them. I shall have to try taking an antihistamine so that my children can go horse riding!

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