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It’s always nice to meet new people. Come and say hello.

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  • I welcome: freelance writing and presenting opportunities, product review requests, advertising enquiries.
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1 thought on “Make Friends”

  1. Helen Gers said:


    What a lovely blog. I came across it today while sat at work. Im a mum to an 8 year old superstar. I live in Salisbury, I returned from 17 years in South Africa this year. Had my son with a south African man and he would not let me bring him back with me. I had to come back (couldn’t find work) and its been a devastating time for me. My son arrived here on 4th December and goes back 11th January (their summer holidays) He flew assisted and is such an awesome kid. I don’t show him sadness if I can help it. He will come to me one day, but I will not make him choose and he has a great dad over there (not a great partner) but great dad. So here I am reading about the silly Christmas elf thing and thinking – thank you, its not just me that feels the nagging guilt then!!!!

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