What clothes to pack for a family holiday to France – the Joules edit

Clothes to pack for a holiday to France

As I write this, I’m deep in the pre-holiday stress juju. In just over 24 hours we’ll be on our way, which is quite scary when I’m still catching up with work deadlines, looking after an under-the-weather toddler and attempting to make sure all the clothes we want to take away with us are clean. Argh. It’ll be worth it though, right?

Anyway, in my packing procrastination I thought I’d share some of the clothes I’m taking on our holiday this year that I wish I’d had on our fantastic family holiday to France last year. I wasn’t really prepared last year and ended up taking clothes that were either too warm for the heatwave we experienced in France, or not warm enough for the couple of days of iffy weather. It might sound frivolous but having the right togs for holiday is so important because, if you don’t, you end up uncomfortable and self-conscious. Anything that spoils a lovely holiday experience should be avoided at all costs, I reckon.

This year I’m fully kitted out (see some of my other holiday outfits here and my holiday clothes haul and try-on here) and have made sure my holiday wardrobe for France consists of a range of outfits to cover all the potential weather eventualities. 

It’s all about comfortable tops I can throw on with a pair of loose trousers in the evening, or on a cooler day. Easy culottes that won’t catch on my bike tyres as I cycle to get the inevitable morning baguette and croissants, and flippy dresses that aren’t too tight or too hot, that I can pull on over my bikini or wear on a day out exploring a French market or town. I don’t want anything that’s tight (I plan to eat a huge amount of French cheese and pastries while we’re away), too short or too fussy. But, equally, I want to look stylish. Tall order, I know.

So this is where Joules comes in. I’m a huge fan of Joules as a brand and actually prefer my Joules wellies to my Hunter ones – which might sound like sacrilege to some. My Joules raincoat is a school run saviour and my Joules jeans are the most flattering ones I’ve ever owned. I’d always pegged Joules as more of a winter brand and didn’t realise they stocked swimwear, pretty holiday dresses and beautiful summer tops until fairly recently.

First up it’s this pretty embroidered chambray dress. It’s sold out now I think, but there are plenty of others that are a similar cut and flattering length online now. I love the detail and the fact it’s lined. Plus, it’s a timeless shape and style, so will do nicely for future holidays to come too.

Next it’s about the culottes. These (below) are the Lennon culottes and are SO COMFY with an elasticated waistband, pockets and a beautifully loose and soft fabric. They’ll be perfect for warm days exploring on the bike or evenings sitting outside drinking wine.

With the culottes, I’m wearing the Margot woven bardot top (HURRY – it’s currently on sale reduced to £19.95 from £44.95!) which is the first off-the-shoulder top I’ve ever owned. It’s loose and can be worn tucked in, like here, or left out. Again, it’s got cute embroidered detailing and will be a really versatile top for both days and evenings in France.

Finally, it’s my “Captain Jack Sparrow top”, as the husband likes to call it. (Gosh he’s so witty HA HA HA etc.) Anyway, Jack Sparrow or not, I absolutely LOVE this top. It’s got big old sleeves, tassels, embroidered detailing a-plenty and will be a brilliant option for a cooler evening. What say you, me hearties?

Come back next week to see the last piece of my French holiday wardrobe puzzle! Now, tell me, do you have any favourite holiday essentials when it comes to outfits?



Thanks to Joules for sending me the items featured in this post. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page



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    What fab holiday pics! I need to start planning my outfits more, whenever we do go away I’ve planned the babies outfits out meticulously and I’m always left to the last minute and inevitably end up in something too hot/cold/small/uncomfortable! I’ve never bought anything from Joules before but I really think I should treat myself! x

  2. says

    I love these outfits, Molly!! The rain of these last couple of days has got me thinking I need to invest in a new Joules mac for the school run way before I thought I’d have to!

  3. says

    I;ve been debating getting culottes for ages now and I love the ones you have here – they look great on you! Have been enjoying watching your French holiday vlogs and cannot wait to read all about what you got up too

    Laura x

  4. says

    Lovely choices! I’m terrible for packing badly when going abroad then annoying Laurence by going on and on about it! I actually used to live in culottes in my early twenties and always wondered if they were a bit frumpy so got rid of them eventually. But now I wish I’d kept them! I’d love a pair now. Might have to take a look at these.

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