We went on our first ever family outing to the cinema today. At three and a half years old, it was Frog’s first experience of the big screen. It was exciting, just the three of us, far too much popcorn and sweets and a charmingly old fashioned cinema in a Devon town. We saw Frozen, the latest Disney offering. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it and if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy afternoon, then I urge you to check it out too.

Here are five reasons why we loved Frozen:

1) It subverts the traditional fairytale stereotypes and expectations

I’m not going to be giving away any surprises here when I tell you there’s a happy ending. There’s also a baddie and a damsel in distress and a bit of magic. All of these are exactly what you’d expect of a rather schmultzy fairytale. But here’s the thing – Frozen takes these elements and twists them. The idea of “true love” is turned on its head. Gone is the Sleeping Beauty Prince Charming kiss. Instead we have a scenario that shows family bonds are just as powerful as romantic love – a lesson it won’t do kids any harm in learning.

2) There are strong female characters

The story follows two sisters, one who has been keeping a scary secret. While they both look like your average Disney female characters (weirdly massive eyes, tiny waists etc etc) they are both determined, strong and single minded. I like the fact the story doesn’t depend on a typically macho prince to save one of them. While I’d love both characters even more if they were more of a size 12 than a size 6, you can’t fault their bravery and loyalty to one another.

3) It celebrates differences

The story hinges on the fact one of the sister’s has been keeping a secret about herself. Terrified her difference will harm others and set her apart, she ends up blowing her cover when she’s put under pressure and feeling emotional. Obviously it’s all magic and far removed from any situation you’d get in real life – but, to me, the film showed what the dangers of conformity, trying to blend into a crowd and deny something that might make you different. Real happiness is acheived when the difference is celebrated. ¬†Again, a valuable lesson.

4) It’s funny

I won’t lie, the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine was less than eager to see a Disney

5) It’s not predictable