Best Toys for 4-Year-Olds

Toddlerhood is a fun and exciting phase. However, this is the age where parents need to be more careful and responsible because of the physical and mental changes in their kids. This is why parents with kids around this age are more cautious in providing only the best solutions to their children, including the best food, the best environment, and the best toys.

Now, you may ask, why toys? Why is it important to pay close attention to the toys your 4-year-old is choosing for them? The answer to the same is, why not? Toys play a major role in the mental growth and personality development of a 4-year-old.

This is the time when kids are moving from babyhood to toddlerhood, bringing changes in their thinking and social abilities. Thus, it is wise to pick toys that keep your kids entertained and engaged but are educational as well, helping kids learn several new things.

Confused about what toys to pick? Worry no more because this article helps you pick the 25 best toys for 4-year-olds. Let’s talk about them in detail.

1. Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie

Want to improve your toddler’s communication skills? Or do you feel worried about them while they’re playing, hiking, or camping? Now, say goodbye to all such worries and stay updated on your toddler’s whereabouts at all times with a cute and functional walkie-talkie.

These are some of the best toys for 4-year-olds. Several manufacturers design these toys with the latest features like flashlights, keypad locks, and so on.

These toys are super fun, and they won’t just keep you connected with your kids but will also allow them to have fun play chit-chat sessions with their buddies.

2. Construction Toys

Construction Toys

Construction toys are ones that come in dismantled pieces or puzzles, and kids are supposed to assemble and arrange them correctly.

Now you may ask what’s so special about these toys, making them one of the best toys for 4-year-olds? Well, the answer to the same is the advantages of these toys. They are quite educational and help build several skills in your little ones, including their thinking abilities, decision-making, motor skills, and so on.

Also, these toys are available in several varieties, like construction trucks, cars, tiles, buildings, and more. This helps your toddler learn about new things and offers you a wide range to choose from.

3. Remote-Control Cars

Remote-Control Cars

When talking about the best toys, it is almost impossible not to mention Remote control cars. They have been classic toys making a special place in everyone’s childhood days and still manage to be absolute favorites of every kid.

The remote control feature of these toys gives little ones a sense of control. Several of their models are built with additional features like sounds, songs, lights, and so on. Some of these toys are battery-driven, while there are rechargeable models available as well.

Additionally, remote control toys are now available in several designs, like robots as well.

4. Pogo Sticks

Pogo Sticks

Growing toddlers are full of energy and excitement. What’s better than using that energy to create entertaining and memorable moments? And for that, pogo sticks are one of the best toys for 4-year-olds.

These are suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. Plus, they offer a bunch of advantages to your kids. To start with, these playthings help engage your little ones in some physical activity. In addition to that, they are quite helpful in boosting a child’s balancing skills and confidence.

Let your toddler play around with these, and see him doing jumps and tricks in a few days.

5. Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Looking for something fun and easy to play with your little angels? Then, consider that building blocks can be a good choice. These are one of the best toys for 4-year-olds because they can help you make your toddler learn about a bunch of new things.

Whether you want to teach your child about new colors, shapes, or numbers, building blocks can help you with each of these concepts. Additionally, research has also shown the benefits of these models on a toddler’s creativity, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

6. Writing Tablets

Writing Tablets

There is no denying the fact that toddlers are filled with massive imagination and creative skills. Then why not give wings to those imaginary skills?

With Writing boards, toddlers can write, doodle, and learn all that they want. Such toys can encourage little ones to explore their creativity and put it into paper. This makes such boards one of the best gifts for your 4-year-olds on all kinds of occasions, be it birthdays, Christmas, or some other event. One may use these for learning different subjects. Their electronic models are designed with eraser locks, batteries, and more features. Even parents can use them as memo pads.

7. Rhythm Step Play Mat

Rhythm Step Play Mat

Worried about your toddlers spending too much time on screens? Then worry not because Rhythm Step Play Mats are one of the best toys for 4-year-olds. These toys can help cut some screen time for your kids and motivate them to engage in some physical exercises like jumping, running, and so on.

The best part about these toys is they come in foldable designs meaning they come in handy and can be used and folded at your convenience. Now, have some fun and quality time interacting and playing with your little angels on these mats.

8. Science Kits

Science Kits

Young children can be enthusiastic about learning a lot of new things, given they are taught properly, and science is no exception. If one wants to make their little ones adore scientific concepts, then Science Kits are the perfect toys for the same.

These kits are built with several accessories, including safety gear allowing your kids to practice little science experiments with utmost safety and love. Several of these kits also come with books to further clarify the concepts.

Boost your child’s problem-solving abilities and let them play little scientists with these sets.

9. Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games

As mentioned, toddlers have a bunch of abilities developing in their growing years, and giving your little ones a push in this direction can help them grow better.

This makes puzzle games one of the best toys for 4-year-olds, boosting their thinking abilities as well as motor skills. These puzzles are also available in sets, which makes them perfect for socialization. Your toddlers can share these with your friends, or you may use them as a great chance to create some memorable moments with your little lovelies.

10. Tea Party Sets for Girls

Tea Party Sets for Girls

Want to gift your little angels something pretty and practical? Tea Party sets are the best toys one could think of.

These toys are made in several sizes and exciting colors, making them quite amusing for 4-year-old little girls. Also, considering they are to be used by toddlers, these are mostly made using materials that are safe and non-toxic as well. These tea sets can make your toddler’s tea party a super blast.

One may use these toys to boost their kids’ imaginations and pretend-playing skills. These work great for boosting the social abilities of your baby girls.

11. Alphabet Game Cards

Alphabet Game Cards

Teaching your baby buddies slowly and playfully is considered one of the most effective methods of learning. Also, this is the age when toddlers are supposed to move to kindergarten levels. So, this is one of the best times to introduce them to some new letters slowly and gradually, and Alphabet Game Cards can help you with the same.

These cards are made beautifully to attract toddlers. The cards consist of alphabets that can be used to reach your little ones in uppercase, lowercase, or alphabetical order or to create new words as well.

Make their learning involved and fun with these cards.

12. Star Projector

Star Projector

Toddlerhood is not just about learning new letters and words but developing new habits as well. For instance, the habit of sleeping alone and being comfortable and independent in their beds. However, kids are generally scared of darkness, and that can be a problem.

But what if someone tells you that a toy can be your toddler’s favorite for such nights? Yes, you heard it right.

Star projectors can be great toys to be used for getting rid of this fear while also making amusing starry projections for little ones. These are the best toys for 4-year-olds and are available in rechargeable and battery models.

13. Whack A Mole

Whack A Mole

Make your interactive play sessions with your toddlers more fun with Whack A Mole models. These are surely some of the best toys for 4-year-olds because of their creative design and exciting features.

They are designed to allow your little ones to compete with each other by hammering the lighting balls and, thus, scoring points. This can help boost competitive spirit in the kids. They also help enhance the eye-hand coordination, thinking abilities, and reflexes of an individual.

To make them more exciting, some manufacturers further add music, colors, and other features to their craftsmanship.

14. Stacking Stones

Stacking Stones

When talking about cute and playful toys for toddlers, one cannot ignore the fun element of Stacking Stones. These are bright and colorful, catching your toddler’s attention quite easily.

They are super fun and easy to play with. Additionally, these can be used as decor elements to decorate your kid’s room with their native element. Furthermore, playing with these toys can also help boost your child’s motor and balancing skills. These stacking blocks can be used to create different shapes, allowing your toddler’s creativity to flow the way they want.

15. Kids’ Camera Toys

Kids' Camera Toys

Want to motivate your little ones to go out and play rather than just being indoors? Why not gift them something that can make them more willing to spend some outdoors? Kids Camera are ideal toys for the same.

Using these cameras, your little angels can shoot new places, things, and more, keeping them enthusiastic about going outdoors. These kid’s camera toys are built with frames, filters, and several other properties, making them more exciting.

Let your kids capture their valuable moments with these best toys for 4-year-olds.

16. Pretend Play Toys

Pretend Play Toys

Pretend play toys are one of the best accessories to keep your toddlers engaged and entertained. Not only do kids have a fun time while playing with these, but they are also able to live their dreams by acting like different characters, including doctors, builders, homemakers, chefs, princesses, and whatnot.

These are the best toys for 4-year-olds as they help the child grow psychologically. The pretend play models are available in several designs, like kitchen sets, camping sets, doctor’s sets, princess sets, and so on.

17. Piano Toy

Piano Toy

If you want to explore some musical skills of your toddlers, then why not gift them something musical like a kid’s Piano? Not only are they super fun, but they also help your little angels learn some new music skills and be little rock stars.

These toys can be super helpful in enhancing your toddler’s memory, hearing, and musical abilities. Several of their models are available in foldable designs, which means their parts can be dismantled and assembled at your convenience. Let your babies create their own symphony while playing with the keys and rhythm lights of these Pianos.

18. Microphones Toy

Microphones Toy

One other toy that can make your kids like little superstars is a Microphone toy. Generally, children love to sing and dance, so why not allow them to explore their singing skills?

These microphones are built with stereo sounds to keep your kids’ voices clear and magical. They are built with different sound modes, allowing one to play and experiment with their voices. Additionally, some Microphones are made more practical by adding several other features to their design like Bluetooth, LED lights, Recorders, and so on.

Make your kid’s parties and karaoke sessions more fun with these best toys for 4-year-olds.

19. Audio Player Toys

Audio Player Toys

Have you ever noticed how you draw characters and sceneries in your mind while listening to an audio or a story? Now, imagine the positive impact of these audio toys on your kid’s imaginary capabilities.

Audio player toys can also help cut your toddler’s screen time. Kids can use them to listen to their favorite stories, songs, podcasts, and whatnot. They can even record their own songs, making the toy more engaging and personalized.

Make your kid’s listening experience fun and engaging with these audio toys.

20. LED Masks

LED Masks

Kids love watching fictional characters and superheroes, and they surely are a toddlers’ favourite. So why not consider gifting them something that can make your kids feel like superheroes? Yes, you heard it right.

LED Masks can make your little warriors like fictional heroes, keeping them very excited and entertained. These are perfect toys that can be used for playing outdoors as well as indoors. Let your child engage in role-play, allowing you to teach them rights and wrongs and good habits as superheroes.

These costumes can also be used at events like parties, Halloween, and Christmas to make the event more interesting.

21. Art and Craft Toys

Art and Craft Toys 

Art and Craft toys are one of the best toys for 4-year-olds as they allow kids to learn and explore new artistic skills in a quite easy and fun manner.

Let the kids do their arts, crafts, design, decor, and everything they want with these toys. These are super helpful in boosting a kid’s imaginative and creative-thinking skills. These kits can be used to draw, paint, cut new shapes, and for several other purposes.

These are perfect gifting solutions for your little ones on their birthdays, or one may use them as a reward for their kids for doing something good.

22. Aeroplane Launcher Toys

Aeroplane Launcher Toys

Remember the fun activity where we used to throw paper airplanes and see how far it went? Well, the same idea is used in the making of Airplane Launcher toys to make your kids’ playing sessions more fun and competitive.

These toys are built with foam planes of different colors, making the game more interesting and visually appealing. They are super easy to play with. One simply needs to load the launcher, fix the plane, and launch it at the right angle. Easy steps and your kids can see the beauty of plane gliding.

Also, they are easy to assemble and dismantle.

23. Scavenger Hunt Games

Scavenger Hunt Games

One of the most interesting games that can keep kids entertained and content even for long hours is the Scavenger Hunt games. These games are very special as they make learning quite easy and fun.

These toys are built with different themes that can be used to teach your child about distinct new concepts. For instance, nature-themed toys can be used to train your kid about their surroundings, road-themed games can be used to teach road rules, and so on. Identify all the quotes or diagrams mentioned in your cards and win the game.

These toys come in handy and can be carried and used while going outdoors or in picnics.

24. Washable Makeup Girl Toys

Washable Makeup Girl Toys

Watching you keep your make-up game on makes your little angels also curious about these make-up kits. They even want to put on some make-up and act like their favorite characters. However, it is obvious to worry if those cosmetics are suitable for your baby’s skin, if they are harmful, and more.

But what if someone tells you that your little fairies can play with makeup all they want without worrying about their damage? Yes, you heard it right. Kids’ washable make-up kits are the best toys for 4-year-old baby girls. The kits consist of various beauty products like brushes, nail polishes, powder, lipstick, gloss, and whatnot. Each of these is easily washable and safe. So let your princess’s dream come true without any worry.

25. Talking Flashcards

Talking Flashcards

This is the age when your toddler learns a lot of new words, things, and so on. However, this learning should not be boring. Also, making learning fun can encourage children to engage in these learning sessions without any mood swings actively.

They are one of the best toys for 4-year-olds because of their innovative design. They help your little buddies build new vocab and improve their reading and memory skills. Research has also shown their positive impact on autistic kids.

The talking cards are built with sounds that can boost a toddler’s speech and communicative skills.


Toddlers around the age of four or so are growing not just physically but mentally as well. Thus, parents need to provide such tools and accessories that can bring the best out of their kids mentally and creatively at this age.

In this article, we have talked about 25 of the best toys for 4-year-olds that can help them learn about a bunch of new things while keeping the fun element on top. Several of these toys also help build several new skills in toddlers and also answer their questions and curiosities.

We hope your toddler has the same fun playing with these toys as we had to talk about them. Also, comment below and let us know what toys you are planning to gift to your toddlers and which ones are their favorites.

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Charlotte Taylor

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