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This week has been one of those weeks where I’ve been torn between doing the best thing for my bump and doing the best thing for my child. It’s reminded me how different pregnancy is when you already have a child or children to look after (something I wrote about in more detail over at Babycentre this week).

Anyway, after an accident on a trampoline, we now have an almost-four year old with a broken leg who’ll be in cast for at least four weeks. It means there’s much carrying around and lifting, things I’m sure aren’t always the best for the bump, but I don’t have much of an alternative option at the moment (Stannah stair lifts are out of our price range!).

Besides the cast drama it’s been a good week bump-wise. No more bleeds and, despite the lugging around of my surprisingly heavy child, I’m feeling in pretty good shape. There are a few products that have helped me feel better recently – if you’re in need of a lift you might find this post useful.

I’ve also been attempting to take a few more photos of the bump this time around, mainly involving hastily-snapped bump selfies in less-than-glamorous places. Excuse the awful hair, black bra with white top and loo roll in the background of this pic taken last night. I was just about to get in my PJs, so I’m not exactly looking my best…

25 weeks pregnant

At only 25 weeks my bump seems enormous to me and I’m wondering if this means I’m going to need a crane to get around come August. The one plus side of having such a big bump so early on, though, is that I get to take funny photos that make it look like I’m sunbathing in the nude. This was intentional, honest….

Naked bump

If you’re looking for bump pictures that aren’t of the comedy variety, then check out these beautiful shots at Nicola… Life Through My Eyes that she linked up to last week’s #BlogBumpClub. They’re a great example of simple photos that document a beautiful bump.

And if you’re based in the South East and have a budget then I’d be stupid not to recommend my lovely friend, professional photographer Caroline at CP Photography. I still treasure the images she took of my huge bump four years ago – despite not even wanting any pictures taken of me at the time! (The photo in the image at the top is one Caroline took of me).



Anyway, what have you and your bump been up to this week? Link up your most recent pregnancy post here and join our online blogger antenatal club. It’s always nice to share the cankle chat with other people who are in the same boat!

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