Healthy eating

We like food in our house. Food is right up there with sunshine and holidays, as far as we’re concerned. We also rather like cooking, and the odd bit of baking too.

When Frog was tiny we went down the Baby-led Weaning route. She’s always been fiercely independent and wouldn’t even let me put a spoonful of medicine in her mouth, so the thought of battling with purees terrified me.

This means that Frog has always eaten what we’ve eaten. The idea of cooking a separate tea for her and then cooking again later in the evening did not appeal to my lazy side. 

Like many first-time mums I was convinced that the mere sight of chocolate would turn my healthy baby into a sick, hyper child. My Paranoid Mum condition lasted around 2 months, at which point I buckled and accepted that the odd chocolate button or ice-cream wouldn’t do her any harm and was, in fact, rather handy for bribery.

On the whole, I’d say we’re a pretty healthy family. But I’m going to be honest and say we’ve let things slide over the past couple of months. My intentions to cook a healthy meal from scratch aren’t always matched by my energy levels. Come 5pm and my pregnancy exhaustion is in full swing. It’s all I can do to turn the kettle on some evenings, let alone rustle up a delicious and nutritious meal for the three of us.

Tea and cake

So when Organix got in touch to tell me about the No Junk Challenge I was interested, but also a little scared. I don’t have the time or energy at the moment to spend hours in the kitchen. But I’m also eager to get back to our former habits of cooking everything from scratch and cutting down on the junk.

We don’t tend to buy crisps or have chocolate in stock, and we already eat a lot of fruit of vegetables. But where fishfingers would once have been a fortnightly treat, they’ve become a bit of a weekly staple. As have shop-bought pies, quiches and the occasional pizza.

Organix is challenging families to cut out the junk and embrace a whole host of new recipe ideas that are quick and easy to make but, more importantly, full of healthy ingredients. I’m going to be right there with them, taking on a week of healthy family food, eating the way we used to.

The reasons behind the challenge are important ones. Nearly half of top food brands in the UK are high in fat, salt or sugar products. Foods targeted at toddlers and children are typically higher in salt, fat and sugar. And most convenience foods contain artificial flavouring or colouring. All of that has an impact on our health as a nation and, when it comes to changing habits and living healthily, the best place to start is at home.

I’m planning to share some easy-cook, no fuss, tasty healthy recipes here next week, and be completely honest about how I’m managing with the challenge. If I have a bad day I will tell you, promise.

In return I’m looking for healthy recipe inspiration, cheer-leading and the motivation to know I’m not in this alone. So if you’re up for joining in too please let me know in the comments and we can cheer each other on.

This shouldn’t be difficult. And I know it’s worth it. I just need a little moral support to get going.

What do you say? Are you in?



Thank you to Organix for inviting me to take part in the No Junk Challenge. This post is written in collaboration with the Organix team. For more information please see my disclosure page.