OK, I’m going to be honest. Central heating isn’t top of my list of fun house things to talk about. I’d much rather get stuck into a new upcycle project or plan what colour of paint is going to go in my hallway. But, aside from running water and my kettle, central heating is probably the biggest thing I’d miss if we didn’t have it in our home.

We live in a Victorian terraced cottage. It has high ceilings and the windows at the back of our house are the originals, without double-glazing. It means the house can get drafty. Lighting the log-burner downstairs helps, but it can take a while for the place to heat up on a really cold day. Which is where the Hive from British Gas comes in.

Victorian windows

If you’ve not heard of Hive before, it’s a pretty nifty idea, allowing you to control your home’s central heating system from your mobile phone, wherever you are. The result is a more flexible way of heating your home, without having to stick to a daily timer which may not always account for the busy, constantly changing, schedule of daily family life.

Research shows this type of heating system can actually save you money too, with some current customers saving up to £150 a year on their bills, because they’re only using their heating when they actually need it.

Not one for the faff of change, it pleases me to hear that installation is simple. A British Gas Engineer can come along and install the Hive kit alongside your current central heating system, and you don’t even need to change energy provider.

And the best bit? It doesn’t cost a fortune. Hive can be yours (including professional installation) for £199.

Of course the trusty log burner won’t be going anywhere though…

log burner



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