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My husband wears his geekery like a badge of pride. He is of the generation that can just about remember Space Invaders when it was first around as a computer game and makes no secret of the fact these types of games were a staple of his childhood.

He loves computer games and is excited by all things gadget related. An IT teacher, web designer and creative when it comes to everything tech, he is King Geek in our house.

It comes in handy for me, as I have a personal web designer and blog fixer, but it also means presents can get pricey. He always lusts after the latest in geekdom and – much to my annoyance – is often bored of it within a month of getting his hands on it. What can I say? He is a fickle geek.

For once, then, he’s actually interested in something I’ve been offered for review on my blog. The Retro Space Invaders set of products are right up his street.

He now has a mug that lights up with Space Invaders characters (if this is what the squiggly things are called?!) when it gets hot. Apparently, this will come in handy in the staff room at school.

He also has a new Space Invaders wallet, keyring (which keeps him amused when his phone games don’t) and an ice cube tray which makes Space Invaders shaped ice to jazz up his Friday night glass of vintage cider. He also has a Space Invaders stress reliever for when reports season hits.

Fun, geeky, retro, quirky and affordable – finally something he likes that I wholeheartedly approve of.

He’s kitted out. No need to buy him a Christmas present then, surely?


All products were provided for the purpose of this review. You can buy them over at 50Fifty Gifts - where you can find all your retro gifting needs in time for Christmas.