What Type of Boho Theme Do You Want for Your Baby

Boho style is trending, whether it’s some runway fashion to the hippest parties. The aesthetics of Bohemian is always free-spirited with a mix of unique visualistic elements. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer to know the secret of Bohemian style finding its way to popularity every day. You can find Bohemian touch in trend nowadays, whether in home decor, clothing, or decorations for parties. Hence, the perfect match for your party theme is a boho baby shower.

The Bohemian style is for anyone who conveys creativity in a relaxed and unconventional style. When you think of the style, earthy colors, laces, muted rainbows, burlap, pampas grass, plush pillows, and much more instantly come to mind. In this comprehensive guide, you will explore how effortlessly you can convey your style and DIY the most stunning party ever for your baby shower.

What is a Baby Shower?

When you are expecting a new member into your family, celebrations are a must to show off the expectation. However, parents are not the only ones excited about the new member. Family members like cousins, uncles, aunts, or future grandparents are eager to welcome the baby. Hence, to celebrate the happiness around family, a boho baby shower is a good idea.

A baby shower is a subtle way to share the new achievement in life as a new role for the newest member. At a boho baby shower party, the family members shower the new parents with love, care, wishes, and gifts. The celebration shows off the excitement around the family and the welcoming feel of the impending baby’s birth.

What Type of Boho Theme Do You Want for Your Baby?

Boho Baby Shower Decor {DIY a Stunning Party!}

What kind of Boho baby shower theme do you want? It is a question to utilize as your primary goal for the party. Hence, you want to create something that leaves an impression on the guests that visit your baby shower. A boho baby shower is a Bohemian-inspired approach to the party in a non-traditional and free-spirited way.

And to approach the style, planning on selecting the perfect style for your preference is the first step. Therefore, there are many sub-themes to adapt to the party. Themes such as bohemian floral, bohemian chic, and bohemian woodland can add spirit and uniqueness to your boho baby shower. Hence, you can choose any sub-theme to make memories for the upcoming new member.

DIY Boho Baby Shower Invitations

DIY Boho Baby Shower Invitations

After you survive the selection process, it’s time to get your hands on the invitations. Although you can buy the invitations, making them yourselves adds a personal touch to those invitations. If you want to create your invitations to get the guest’s attention, making it on Canva is a good option as it’s free. Moreover, it also lets you have access to many free templates. Furthermore, you can look at Pinterest for inspiration as it has thousands of pics to get an idea.

Invitations serve as a prologue for guests to give them a summary of what is going to happen at the party. Therefore, style your invitation cards with a bohemian theme with the inspiration you found on Pinterest. You can write down the invitations by yourself with an earthy tone of ink to elevate the Bohemian ambiance. You can also ask your guests to dress up according to the theme of the party to set the mood.

Decorations for the Boho baby shower party

Decorations for the Boho baby shower party

Decorations are another vital area of the party that will make your party successful. The aesthetics of boho is an eclectic decor that you can conjure with mix and match at ease. The decorations are made in detail to make gorgeous celebrations happen successfully.

You can collect bohemian-style elements to make the celebration fruitful and according to the plan. Moreover, you can include matted balloons and wonderful-looking fringes to give the effect of Bohemian as a decor element. Here are a few things for decorations that you can try out to make your Boho-themed party a success.

Greenery and Flowers

Greenery and Flowers

Hanging flowery green tapestry can elevate the look of your theme with its adorning elegance. Hence, it is a good idea to add hanging flowers and greeneries to make the ambiance look elegant and eye-catching to the guests. You can also put some flowers on boho-styled vases to make your beam with the theme’s beauty.

Wall Hangings and Textiles

Wall Hangings and Textiles

Infusing your household or the party venue with macrame or wall hanging to make the ambiance exude a Bohemian charm. Along with wall hangings or macrame and soft woven textiles like blankets or rugs will make the ambiance look comfortable and cozy. Hence, these elements can make the surroundings exude more elegance of Bohemian culture.

Natural Earthy Elements

Bohemian culture or theme possesses a lot of natural aura in its ambiance. Hence, try to integrate the natural aspect with geodes, crystals, or driftwood to make the ambiance look elegant and elevate the bohemian looks of your party. You can also optimize earthy colors to make the party venue look majestic.

Create Centrepieces for the Tables

To show off your boho creativity, you can place centerpieces at every table in the venue. Centerpieces are classic elements that can instantly make the party theme look more vibrant and eye-catching. Therefore, you can consider doing some DIY pieces to give a personal touch to the ambiance and grab everyone’s attention at the party. You can DIY jars containing marble stones or wildflowers. Moreover, you can also make scented candles to lighten up the atmosphere if you are hosting a party at night.

Food and Drinks based on your party theme

Foods and drinks are vital parts of the theme, and every guest looks up to know what servings they will get to feed upon. Hence, when it comes to catering a baby shower, ensure to tailor the menu for the to-be parents. For the menu, you can add cocktails, soft drinks, or champagnes for the starters. You can also add bite size snackable to give the guests something to snack on after they reach the venue. Moreover, to add things to the menu, you can consider cupcakes, donuts, sugar cookies, naked cake, fruit punch, and pasta.

Baby Shower Game and Activities

Baby Shower Game and Activities

Games and activities are a must at every party to keep everyone entertained throughout the party time. Hence, to keep the new parents and the guest entertained keep a tab on various games and activities for the baby shower party. Therefore, we have curated a list of ideas for games and activities you can host at the party.

Activities like a dream catcher and your guests can make them by themselves with the help of dreamcatcher kits that are readily available online. Moreover, you can also make the guest play game bundles to enjoy their party evening. The games may come in bundles like trivia, how big is the mummy’s belly, baby bingo, and many more.

Things to Do to Create Memories with Bohemian Touch

Things to Do to Create Memories with Bohemian Touch

Creating memories is what you want to cultivate for the to-be parents. Hence, a token of holding memories is definitely on the list. Therefore, introducing the baby shower to the parents and the guests through bohemian touches can imprint on their hearts.

1. Party Favors for The Guests with Bohemian Touch

Party favors are something for the guests as a token of appreciation for their arrival at the boho baby shower. There are plenty of options you can DIY yourself to gift the guest that honored a visit to your house. For instance, making scrunchies or hair ties for the guests is a decent option to give your guest. You can also give them lovely cards with seeds in them to grow the love between both parties. Moreover, you can also gift handmade candies to the guest to make them feel welcome.

2. Candid Photo Album While Capturing Moments

Capturing pictures is one of the most vital parts of the party because it’s the moment that cultivates the memories into visuals. Therefore, you can have props for the to-be parents and guests to click memorable pictures for the event. You can also make a photo album or book with heartfelt written messages to make it look adorable.

3. Gift Ideas for The Guests

If you are going to someone’s boho baby shower, you may need some gift ideas for the party. Hence, here are some suggestions if you are looking for some gift inspiration for the boho baby shower that aligns with the theme of the party. Therefore, for instance, personalized onesies for the baby, handmade showpieces, and some baby care body products. You can also look for some baby gifts for the to-be parents online for a wide range of options.

4. Music and Melodies for the Party

There is no party without music and melodies. Hence, you can curate a bunch of soulful, soothing music for the party. You can also play some acoustic music to make it pick up the mood and environment. Moreover, you can also call for a pianist or guitarist to create a mood for the party.

Tips to Ensure a Stunning Party as a Host (on a Budget)

Tips to Ensure a Stunning Party as a Host (on a Budget)

Ensuring a successful stunning party is the prime goal of every host that hosts a party. However, don’t worry, even if you are new to the term Boho baby shower, as you can find almost every necessary information in this content. We have curated a few tips to ensure a stunning party as a host without stressing your purse or wallet.

  • One of the most practical ways to save on your budget is to DIY centerpieces and decorations with recycled materials.
  • Moreover, you can opt for the potluck catering style to make the party have communal enjoyment by contributing to food dishes.
  • Instead of renting out a place to host the party, you can use your garden to throw the party or use the terrace to do the same.


With the help of these party ideas, you can DIY an awesome boho baby shower party. Therefore, to host the party, you can select a particular color combination and metallic touches to make the perfect boho baby shower theme for you. Therefore, once you are ready with the theme and designs, you can go on to design invitations for your guest to invite.

Giving a personal touch to everything at the party can make your party feel successful. In this comprehensive guide, you were able to explore different ways to cultivate the party for success. Moreover, you explored how to DIY certain things to throw a fantastically amazing party without stressing your pocket.

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