Nowadays, everything has become advanced. Suppose we go to 2 to 3 decades back then when a simple phone calling was also a challenge coming to this age where we can even video call our friends and families.

If you are living far from your friends and you miss those golden days playing with them, then do not worry; you have our back. In this article below, we are gonna talk about 30 games to play on FaceTime with your friends and enjoy.

These games will not only make your face time with your friends funny and memorable but will also bring you all closer to each other. So what are you waiting for? Bring on your phone or laptop and get ready to FaceTime your friends and get ready to play with them. Let’s dive in!

1. Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades is one of the most popular games that can be played among friends and can be added to the list of games to play on Facetime. In dumb charades, you have to divide the team into two parts with each team having an equal number of players.

Now, the first team has to select one person who will be the actor and will act the given word by the first team to the second team. The team guessing the most number of words right will be the winner. In this game, the more people, the more fun.

2. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Another popular game that can be played with your friends and can be included in the games to play on Facetime. Never Have I Ever is a very interesting and fun game that reveals the interesting or embarrassing experiences of the players. This game can be played with a group of any number, but it works best if the number is 4 or more.

In this game, all the players sit in a circle, and each player starts with a statement, “Never Have I ever…” followed by an action or experience they have never done before. If anyone in the group has done that action is said to have a drink (with or without alcohol).

3. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

This game is quite similar to Never Have I Ever, which is played with a group of friends. As all your friends are doing so, you can’t sit in a circle or spin the bottle. In substitute of that, you use a chit system or go with the alphabetical order. Any player chosen has given two choices, truth or dare, and has to choose between truth or dare.

If the player chooses truth, then they have to answer that question honestly (asked by their friends), and if the player chooses to dare, then they have to perform an activity given to them by their friends.

4. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather?

This game revolves around the player speaking about two often difficult, awkward, or thought-provoking scenes with each pros and cons. This game is played in turns where the player has to complete the sentence starting with “Would you rather” and then adding something interesting.

You can ask questions like “Would you rather be invisible or able to teleport,” “Would you rather go to the future or past?” and many more sentences. There is no winner and loser in the game; just enjoy the vibe with your friends.

5. Two Truths, One Lie

Two Truths, One Lie

Two truths: one lie is another one of the interesting games to play on Facetime. So, basically, in this game, a player, for instance, player A, has to say three sentences that will consist of two truths and one lie, and among those three sentences, the people have to figure out which one is the truth and which one is a lie.

The person who guesses right the most number of times is the winner. This is an easy game and does not have any equipment or boards to play, just some friends, that’s all.

6. This or That

This or That

This is a simple decision-making game that can be included in games to play on Facetime. In this game, the participant is given two choices, and they have to choose one between them. This game is a good choice for those who like simple games without any drama.

The quite light-hearted game will not disappoint you and will give a lot of wholesome moments to you while playing on Facetime.

7. Story Time

Story Time

This is not a game but some stories that you want to share with your friends. You or any of the members can start narrating their story or experience that happened in real life. To make it more interesting, make chits writing everyone’s name on it, fold and shuffle it, and take out a chit.

Whosoever name comes on the chit has to share a story with other members. Though this game does not have any winner for a change, you can declare the person with the best story time as a winner.

8. 20 Questions

20 Questions

20 questions is a game that is a classic deductive reasoning game that can be played by two or more participants. This game is inspired by an akinator where Player A will think of an answer, and Player B has to ask questions to get the answer. Player A has to answer the questions asked by Player B in either yes or no. After asking 20 questions, player B has to guess the answer.

The one answering most of the questions is the winner.

9. Put a Finger Down

Put a Finger Down

Put a finger down is a game that is mainly played in a group that is designed to reveal fun and interesting experiences. Just like never have I ever, and would you rather the players sit on a circle or virtual platform? Now, a player will say, “Put a finger down if..” followed by an action, situation, or experience that applies to them.

If any other member can relate to that statement, I will put a finger down. After playing certain rounds, the player with the most number of fingers up is declared the winner of the game.

10. Pictionary


If you have 4 or more members in your friend, then you can play this game. This game needs a board with marker or chalk, but cause you are playing online so you can use paper attached to the writing pad. Now, one member of the team will think of a word belonging to any category.

And now, the player has to draw a picture explaining that word within a given amount of time. Now, the other team members have to make guesses. The one with the highest number of high guesses will be declared the winner.

11. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a board game that was invented in 1979 and was published first in 1981; where they test the player’s knowledge in various categories and subjects. This game board consists of a circular path with different colors, each representing a category of the question. There are six categories named geography, entertainment, history, art & literature, science and nature, and lastly, sports & leisure.

When a player lands on the color page of the board through dice rolling, then they are asked a question regarding that category, and then they are given a wedge if their answer comes out to be true.

12. Yahtzee


Yahtzee is a dice game that Milton Bradly invented. The main objective of this game is the rolling of certain combinations of dice in each turn. This game mainly consists of thirteen rounds, and the player who has the highest total score is said to be the winner. Yahtzee is also an interesting and entertaining game that can be played with friends on Facetime.

In this game, after each turn, the player has to choose a category to score once the category is chosen then, the player cannot choose the same category again.

13. Hangman


To play this game, you will need a pen and paper. Hangman is said to be a word-guessing game where the players have to guess the word given by an individual player. This game can be played on both teams and individually, depending on your choice.

Player A will choose a word (for instance: juice) and will write on a piece of paper in the following order “-ui-e” Now the players have to guess the letter; the right will be written on the blank, but every wrong letter will lead to a hangman figure. This game is quite fun, and choose to play with your friends.

14. Read My Lips

Read My Lips

This game is quite similar to “whisper challenge” or “lip reading challenge.” This game is typically played in a group. If you are planning to play this game, then remember to prepare the words or phrases beforehand.

Now gather all your friends on Facetime; you may divide them into a team. Now one team will a phrase to the other team, and they have to guess the phrase by reading the lips. The team with the highest number of right guesses wins.

15. Who is Most Likely To?

Who is Most Likely To?

Another game similar to never have I Ever, would you rather, and Two truths one lies. This game is designed to prompt the participants to consider various scenarios and situations and vote on who among the group is most likely to experience that activity.

Who’s most likely to is another lighthearted and playful game that won’t disappoint you and will guarantee your entertainment while you are playing this game.

16. Build a Story

Build a Story

Build the Story is a game whose primary motive is to construct a cohesive and entertaining story, with each participant adding an element to the narrative as the game progress. The game is usually spontaneous and imaginative, with the plot evolving based on the collective ideas and contributors of the players.

17. Atlas


As the name suggests, atlas is a game that will increase your geographical knowledge. This game can be played in the following way like if any player A starts and say the name of any place around the world named Europe, now the other player has to name a place starting with “E” named England.

18. Rainbow Race

Rainbow Race

The rainbow race is mainly played by kids, where they have to draw a rainbow on paper. And after that, they have to bring things with the same color as the rainbow. The one who collects all 7 colors within a limited period is the winner. This game may require some elements like paper, crayons, and the stuff you are going to collect.

19. Clap the Song

Clap the Song

In this game, one player has to choose a song in their mind and start clapping according to the beats of that song. Now the other players have to recognize the song from the clapping. You can play as many rounds as you can, and at the end, the one with the highest right guesses is the winner.

20. Bingo


Bingo is a very popular game to play on Facetime. Each player receives a bingo card, which is a grid and contains a specific amount of numbers. There are many grids. The most common grid is 5*5. Now, the host will start saying numbers, and one by one, you have to cut those numbers. The player that got all the numbers first is the winner

21. Karaoke


Though karaoke is not a game but a fun activity that you can enjoy with your friends on Facetime. You can play it in such a way that one has to play music in the back, and the other can sing; you can sing any of the songs you like and enjoy the beautiful singing session with your friends.

22. Remember the Name

Remember the Name

This is one of those games to play on Facetime that will test your memory and still provide you entertainment. This game can be explained better with an example; for example, there are 5 members in your team named A, B, C, D, and E, selecting a category, “animals.”

Now the game will go like this: starting with A will say elephant, B will say elephant, mouse, C will say elephant, mouse, jaguar, D will say elephant, mouse, jaguar, lion, and at last, E will say elephant, mouse, jaguar, lion, tiger and so on. The one with the wrong answer will be eliminated, and the one in a game till the last is the winner.

23. What’s Missing

What’s Missing

In this game, you may need some things to prepare cause this is the requirement of the game. So, one of the players has to bring some things from their house (cause it’s Facetime), and the other player is given some time to remember the names of those things in order.

After this, they have to close their eyes, and the player with the things has to remove one of the things; now, tell them to open their eyes and tell them to recognize the missing thing. The one who recognizes the right thing is the winner.

24. Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

In this game, the players have to make 4 columns each for name, place, animal, and thing. Now one of the players from the group will say a letter, for instance, “E,” and now the players of the group have to write a name (Elsa), place (England), animal (Elephant), and thing (earphones) in a limited amount of time for instance 30 to 60 seconds. The one with the highest score is the winner.

25. Last Letter

Last Letter

The last letter is a simple game that can be enjoyed by many people. Before starting the game, the players must discuss categories like “animals,” “fruits,” “food,” “countries,” and any other category. Now, if you all choose “fruits” in the category and a player says a word related to it, like mango, then the other player has to say the word related to the category starting from “O,” i.e., orange, and in this way, the game will go on.

26. Category Race

Category Race

Category race is another interesting game to be played on Facetime. It is a game that challenges participants to write down the words or phrases related to the given category within a set time limit. You can select any of the categories like fruits, colors, animals, countries, movie titles, superheroes, and many more.

You can set a time limit between 10-40 seconds depending on the difficulty level or the number of participants. Players with the least number of words, no words, or irrelevant words can be eliminated or will be given punishments.

27. Origami Competition

Origami Competition

This is a game that can be played as a competition. While playing, each player must have origami or craft paper; now, you have to set a timer (for example, 1 min. 2 min., 5 min., and many more). In the given time, the player or participants have to make an origami; the one with the most number and beautiful origami will be declared the winner.

This game can be played among those who are artists by passion and like art and craft. After this competition, you can use the origami made by you as decoration in your house.

28. True Or False

True Or False

True or false is a game similar to the two truths one lie game. In this type of game, the first and foremost thing is to decide the order. After that in order, each player has to say one sentence, and the other player has to guess whether the sentence said is true or false. The player with the most number of right guesses is the winner.

29. Movie Scene

Movie Scene

Bringing a game for movie lovers: if your gang is full of movie lovers, then you can try this game. In this game, you have to perform a scene or say a dialog of a movie you like. Then, the other players have to guess the movie’s name; the member with the most correct guesses is the winner. This is one of those simple yet enjoyable games to play with your friends on Facetime.

30. Simon Says

Simon Says

Simon says is the most underrated game to be played. The game is followed in such a way that the leader of the group gives some instruction to the other members but only when a phrase Simon says is included. For instance, if the leader says, “Simon says put your hands up,” then the other members will put their hands up. Now, if the leader says, “Put your hands down,” then you don’t have to obey the leader cause the phrase “Simon says” is not added. If you are the leader, then you can track your members by wordplay.


These were the 30 games to play on faFacetimeith your friends. You can trust these games when it comes to fun, enjoyment, and interest. We hope that the above information on games to play on Facetime was helpful and you will love playing these games with your friends.

Now, what are you waiting for? Call your friends, schedule a Facetime, and try playing these games with your friends. I hope you all enjoy and share great memories!

Which of the above games you like the most, and will you play that game with your friends? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Fun Games to Play on Facetime with Your Friend?

There are ample fun games to play on Facetime with your friends. Some of the light-hearted and easy games are dumb charades, two truths, one lie, never have I Ever; Simon says would you rather? Category race, and many more. You will not only enjoy playing these games, but will also bring you closer to your friends.

Can You Play with Your Friends on Facetime?

Yes, why not? You can play with your friends on Facetime. You can play a lot of simple games, and if you want, you can play online games like Free Fire, pub, and others. The choice is totally up to you whether you like simple games or online games.

What Are FaceTime Games?

These are those games that you play with your friends and families when on Facetime with them. These are some easy games with minimalist materials to need. These games can be a savior if you are unable to meet your friends and want to spend some time with them.

How to Play 20 Questions Games?

As mentioned above, 20 Questions is a game that is a classic game that can be played by two or more participants. This game is heavily inspired by akinator, where Player A will think of an answer, and Player B has to ask questions to get the answer. Player A has to answer the questions asked by Player B with either yes or no.

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