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Entertaining kids, especially in the backyard, is not an easy job. Bouncing on trampolines is a fantastic way to keep kids occupied, especially during kids’ birthday parties, nightouts, and even when camping outdoors.

Parents love to set up trampolines outdoors as a recreational means. But, all parents will agree that kids do get bored when bouncing all alone. Until, of course, you come up with an assortment of creative and amusing trampoline games.

Keeping kids occupied outdoors has become so crucial these days. It is one of the best ways to keep kids engrossed and deviate from the nuances of digital media and the blue screen. And, of course, interesting trampoline games and activities help kids bond warmly with their friends, siblings, and parents!

So, without further ado, let’s find out about 25 fun trampoline games for kids.

1. Pop the Corn or Crack the Egg

Pop the Corn or Crack the Egg

Up to six players can play this fun activity at one time. However, this trampoline game is the most interesting when two players compete.

The game involves one player sitting in the middle of the trampoline. This player has to curl his/her limbs in a way that they round up like a ball. The knees have to be bent, hugging the chest, and the arms should be tightly holding the knees.

The other player/s have the task of jumping as high as possible near the seated player, forcing the kid to open their arms and give up their position. It’s just like popping popcorn!

2. Beach Ball Bounce

Beach Ball Bounce

One of the trampoline games that your kids are going to love is the beach ball bounce. The things required for this fun activity are a beach ball and a trampoline. To top it off, If the setting is the beachside, nothing like it!

This game can be played between two and three players. The two-player game will have both kids on the trampoline. While they bounce on the trampoline, they need to throw the beach ball high in the air. The one who throws the ball highest while bouncing is the winner.

In the three-player game, two kids need to stand on the ground or the sand, and the third kid on the trampoline. The kids on the ground throw the ball across to one another while the kid on the trampoline tries to catch the ball while bouncing. To make it competitive, parents can introduce a point system, giving points when kids catch the ball.

3. Declaring Wars

Declaring Wars

This is another interesting trampoline game. The good thing is that more kids can play this game. Here is how it goes. All the kids form a circle on the trampoline.

One is elected as the leader. The kids keep bouncing on the trampoline when the leader calls out, saying, “1, 2, 3, I declare a bum war.” As soon as the other kids hear this call, they are supposed to land on the trampoline on their bums, bounce once, and stand up.

The leader can make any type of call. It can be, “ 1, 2, 3, I declare a feet war,” or a tummy war, a knee war, etc. What is important is that the other kids listen to the call and react accordingly. It is an amazing way to build listening skills and coordination in kids.

If there are more kids, try a bigger trampoline for everyone to have a safe space. An alternative to this game is the ‘1,2,3, sit’ game, where the children need to sit when they hear this command.

4 Hopscotch on a Trampoline

Hopscotch on a Trampoline

Hopscotch is a fun game in itself. Even though it is usually played on a playground, the squares can be etched on the trampoline surface. Get all the kids onto the trampoline after the square boxes are drawn. As a fun trampoline game, the kids will bounce up and down while they try to beat each other at the game of hopscotch.

This activity is a great way to develop motor skills, including the development of gross and fine motor skills.

5 Unleashing the Inner Picasso

Unleashing the Inner Picasso

Outdoors and artwork are such a beautiful combination. They sync so well that you cannot let the summer holidays go without encouraging the kids to draw their favorite seasonal inspirations on the trampoline.

This fun trampoline game requires colorful chalk or dry-colored powder, and that’s about it. Let the children vent their creative juices, add a pop of color to your backyard, and keep them occupied during vacations.

The good part about this activity is that the trampoline can be used for all outdoor games, and when nature pours down, the trampoline gets washed on its own, making this a maintenance-free activity.

6. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is one of the favorite pastimes of the little ones. In fact, even your tweens and teens love to play rock, paper, scissors.

On the trampoline, the game can be even more interesting because all the young ones are bouncing when they hear the command, ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot.’ As soon as they hear the word ‘Shoot,’ they are supposed to take a position that represents either a rock, paper, or scissors.

Rock is in a fully-curled-up position. For paper, the kid has to lie down with arms and legs splayed out, and for scissors, the kids can simply sit down.

If giving points, remember a rock beats the scissor, the scissor beats the paper, and the paper beats the rock.

7. Blindfolding Game

Blindfolding Game

Kids love to play blindfolded games. It involves blindfolding one child, who then becomes the dead man. All the others are considered to be alive. The alive men are supposed to keep out of reach of the deadman because when the deadman touches or tags the alive men, they will be out of the game. The last man who survives the game is the winner.

This game of blindfolded men can be replicated to be played on a trampoline. It becomes even more pleasurable for the little ones with the bouncy setting of the trampoline.

8. Water Balloons & Trampolines

Water Balloons & Trampolines

Summers are the perfect time to chill outdoors, especially when the kids have water-filled balloons to play with. In fact, you can join in during family activities.

What you need for this fun trampoline game is the trampoline and lots and lots of water balloons. Involve the kids in filling the balloons with water or order water balloons online.

Once done, place the water balloons on the trampoline. Fill the space completely with balloons. Now, let the kids jump and jump higher on the water balloon-filled trampoline.

This is the perfect way to cool off some heat during the hot month!

9. The Monkey Game

The Monkey Game

This trampoline game is good fun during a kids’ party because the more people there are, the more fun it is. One of the kids is designated as a monkey. The monkey is in the center of the trampoline, and all the others need to stand in a circle around the monkey.

When the game starts, all the players in the circle throw a dodgeball at one another, and the monkey at the center is supposed to jump as high as possible to intercept and catch the ball.

10. Bubble Game

Bubble Game

Blowing bubbles is so much fun for the little ones. The best part is that this trampoline game can be played alone and in a group. Just take care if the kids are toddlers and really small, as the bubble liquid can be slippery and messy.

For this game, you need a trampoline, bubble solution, and bubble wands. There are two ways of playing this game. One way is for the parent to blow bubbles from outside the trampoline and ask the kids to burst the bubbles while they bounce.

The other way is to let the kids use their bubble toys to blow bubbles themselves while they are bouncing. And then let them burst their blown bubbles.

11. Hose


Getting drenched during summer is an excellent way to keep the kids amused during the summer. What better way than to combine a trampoline and a hose? You can also use the sprinklers in the garden, in and around the trampoline, as the perfect way to keep the children giggling, bouncing, and having a good time.

Make sure that the kids are dressed appropriately during this trampoline game. It’s better they are in their swimsuits, and also, this game should always be played under adult supervision. For proper safety, use a trampoline with a net around it.

12. Use Action Cards

_Use Action Cards

Ready-to-buy action cards are a perfect learning tool for kids. If you are dealing with toddlers on a trampoline, use these cards to help the children follow cues. In the process, they not only learn how to act based on commands but also develop core strengths.

These could be any action that you want the children to follow. For example, clap, sleep, laugh, kick, split, etc. You can make your own action cards for this activity. In the picture, kids are laughing as per the command.

13. Happy Hoppy Ball

Happy Hoppy Ball

Remember bouncing on a big Happy Ball, hugging it for life. The combination of double-bouncing elements can add further to the fun. What you need for this trampoline game is a trampoline and a couple of these hoppy balls.

Let the kids hold onto these balls and hop around the trampoline. This game should be played only with adults around.

14. Egg-And-Spoon Race

Egg-And-Spoon Race

A classy game loved by kids, egg-and-spoon makes for a perfect trampoline game. Since walking on a bouncy surface is not a mean task, the kids are super excited while carrying out this activity. What you need for the game is spoons for each child. You can use golf balls, eggs, or baby potatoes to carry on the spoon.

A race is a race. Let each child begin from the start line with spoons and golf balls in their mouth. They will learn the art of coordination as they spruce their game. Anyone who defaults will have to restart from the starting line.

15. The Frog Game

The Frog Game

An excellent way to enjoy a trampoline game is to play the frog game. It’s simple; there’s a lot of jumping around. Before starting the game, take some chalk and draw lily pads on the trampoline surface. Then, let the game begin as the kids jump from one lily pad to another. It is not a competitive game but just fun.

16. Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

Use the rope to keep a group of kids entertained during a trampoline game. The game will need two kids to hold the rope while standing at the edge of the trampoline. All the others are adventurers who have to jump across the rope in a way to avoid touching the rope.

The kids holding the skipping rope can swing it gently, wildly, in a wavy motion, increase or decrease the height of the rope, etc., to make the game even more interesting.

17. Ring Around the Rosy

Ring Around the Rosy

This game can be played by toddlers and adolescents. Let all the kids stand in a circle holding their hands, singing ‘Ring Around the Rosy, A pocket full of posies, Ashes, Ashes, We all fall down.”

Make a few rules to increase the excitement levels. For example, let all the kids fall down at the same time. They can fall one after the other, fall on their bum, knees, and so on.

18. A Wrestling Match

A Wrestling Match

If your kids love to wrestle, organize a wrestling match on the trampoline for more engagement. Rather than wrestling on the floor or hard ground, this is a better way to keep the kids and their friends busy and competing. This is one of the best trampoline games for your little ones.

19. Dance to the Beat

Dance to the Beat

Combining dance moves with some jumps is an ideal trampoline game. This is how you can get the game going. Play some foot-tapping music and let the kids have a gala time. Change the music and watch the kids change their moves and dance to the new beat. The kids who have the energy to stand and dance are the winners.

20. Memory Game

Memory Game

A memory game is a perfect way to train your kids on memorizing skills. Show them a sequence and ask them to repeat it one by one. Any kid who does not remember is out of the game. Another way of playing this trampoline game is to let one kid lead the game and show some tactics. Then, the others follow the sequence.

21. Poison Balls

Poison Balls

In this game, use balls, balloons, or stuffed toys as the ‘poison.’ This trampoline game involves kids avoiding the poison as much as possible. Anybody who touches the poison is out of the game. The last kid left is the winner.

To play this game well, put in as many balls or toys on the trampoline to make the game more challenging.

22. Basketball Practice

Basketball Practice

A perfect way to indulge the kids in a game as well as let them practice their favorite sport is to set up a basketball hoop within the nets of the trampoline. Let your kids bounce up and down, have fun, and master their art.

23. Jump the Barrel

Jump the Barrel

This trampoline game is a perfect game for two kids. Out of the two, one acts as the barrel, and the other has to jump over the barrel. So, basically, the barrel has to be down and rolling while the other child tries to jump and cross the barrel. Once done, have it repeated with the other child.

24. Dodge the Water Balloon

Dodge the Water Balloon

This is another brilliant water trampoline game. Have lots of water balloons ready. Divide the kids into two teams. Let one team be on the ground and throw water balloons at the team on the trampoline. Kids on the trampoline have to avoid getting hit by flying water balloons. If they are hit, they are out. When all the members are out, the other team gets to go onto the trampoline.

25. Keep the Ball Up

Keep the Ball Up

This one is a simple, easy-to-play trampoline game. All you need is a soft ball like a beach ball or other types of kids’ ball. Remember, however, to use large-sized balls, especially with little ones around. The task for each child is to try and keep the ball from falling on the trampoline. They can use their hands, legs, elbows, knees, etc., to keep it up.


Fun, entertainment, lots of laughs, smiles, and cuddles! Trampoline games attract kids of all ages and are one of the best ways to keep everyone busy and engaged during outdoor activities.

While adult supervision is always advised, parents need to ensure that their children do not try to outsmart the trampoline and the nets, venturing into daring stunts.

Encourage your kids to try out the trampoline games listed above. Besides the fun element, these games are good for their health too. Regular activities like these help boost energy, metabolism, oxygen circulation, and the sense of balance in kids.

All set to have fun? Drop in your comments below to let us know which of these games pepped up your kids the most.

Nathaniel Lewis

Nathaniel Lewis

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