Best April Fool's Pranks for Kids to Play on Parents (2023)

April Fool’s Day is a day fully dedicated to anyone who loves pranks. On this day, they prank their siblings, friends, parents, or anyone who they think can fall into the trap easily. Even the smartest people fall prey to the pranks made on this day, and hence, they are made fools for the day. People really enjoy it to the fullest when they fool each other for fun.

However, there should be a limit to the level of the pranks that are carried out. They shouldn’t be something where too much worry and shock are involved. Make sure they are safe and can be played on every age group.

April Fool’s pranks are mostly popular among kids, and they are the ones who always have the most creative ideas to prank their loved ones. Here are some safe and interesting prank ideas to play on your parents.

1. You Have Failed a Test

You Have Failed a Test

This prank could bring horror to your parents’ faces because whose parents don’t want their kids to excel academically? Tell them that you scored very less and could not manage to qualify for your Biology exam. Your parents’ dreams of you becoming a doctor may get ‘shattered’ for a few minutes.

2. You Lost Your Exam Admit Card

You Lost Your Exam Admit Card

This one is another horror story. If you have an upcoming exam that is very crucial for your academic career, now is the perfect time to give them the chills. Freak out in front of them about how you lost it while coming back home. To make it even more convincing, do fake cries.

3. Place Fake Poop on Their Bed

Place Fake Poop on Their Bed

Be a little crafty for the sake of April Fools because you need a fake poop. After you are done making the poop, sneak into your parents’ bedroom and place it on their bed. If not your dad, it’s a guarantee that your mother may scream and may want to puke. But make sure you do not get a nice spanking after this.

4. Confetti on The Ceiling Fan

Confetti on The Ceiling Fan

When your parents come back from work, welcome them with a little surprise-cum-prank. Place confetti on the hands of your parents’ bedroom ceiling fan, and when they switch it on because it was exhausting work at the office, the confetti may, at the same time, startle and cheer them up.

5. Wrong Number Prank

Wrong Number Prank

Send them a totally unrelated message and let them scratch their heads with confusion. It can be anything from “The Ferrari is on the way” to “I’m on my way to rob the bank.” Sometimes it’s fun and interesting to engage in unusual deeds as it just means more and more laughter.

6. Create a Fake Screenshot

Create a Fake Screenshot

Have a fake WhatsApp group conversation with your siblings about a certain topic that they may not approve of, and share it with them. You can watch how they lose their minds.

7. Sponge Cake

Sponge Cake

Get a sponge the size of a cake or a pastry and start decorating with edible cream and whatever things are needed for the icing on the cake. Make it so perfect and tasty that your parents fall prey to it immediately. Have fun when they try to devour it but end up getting slightly disappointed, but, of course, with a little smile.

8. Insect Inside the Lamp

Insect Inside the Lamp

Get a fake insect from the market, a cockroach may be, and stick it inside the table lamp in your parent’s bedroom. When they switch it on, you may definitely hear loud screams from their room. It’s really a fantastic moment because you can’t stop giggling from your room.

9. Computer Mouse Prank

Computer Mouse Prank

It’s time to attack your dad’s computer mouse and let him panic for a moment. Cover the back of the mouse with paper so that he cannot drag things on the computer. Let him wonder if it got damaged and needs repair. This kind of prank is super safe and doesn’t include so much worry.

10. Fake Fruits Prank

Fake Fruits Prank

Arrange a few artificial fruits that are hard to tell whether they are real or not. Put them on the fridge or on the table and wait for your parents in the morning. The most exciting job here is to watch them bite one of the fruits and fall prey to your April Fool’s prank.

11. Damaged Refrigerator Prank

Damaged Refrigerator Prank

When they are at work, call them up to let them know that the fridge has stopped working and it needs to be taken for repair. And when they come back and find out that the fridge is fit and fine, run away from the house if you do not want a nice scolding or a spanking.

12. Sticky Shoe Prank

Sticky Shoe Prank

Take your dad’s shoe and stick slime on the sole so that when he walks, he may get the feeling that he has stepped on dog poop. But when he checks it out, it’s just you and your annual April Fool’s prank again, and he breathes with relief that it’s not actual poop.

13. Fake Toothpaste Prank

Fake Toothpaste Prank

So in the morning of 1st April, when your parents wake up and start washing up, let them use the toothpaste tube that you filled with cheese the night before. They may wonder why the toothpaste does not smell minty and find out it’s fake only when they put it inside their mouth. Be careful and protect your ears because your mom may shout at you for wasting cheese in the kitchen.

14. Fake Oreo Biscuits

Fake Oreo Biscuits

This prank is very common but still popular. What you do is, take a few Oreo biscuits scoop out the cream in the middle, and replace them with white-colored toothpaste. When your parents sit down for tea time at the table, watch them spit out the small bite they just took from the biscuit.

15. You Got Accepted at Harvard

You Got Accepted at Harvard

If you are about to graduate from high school and you have applied to a few prestigious colleges, it’s time to awaken the spirit of extreme happiness in your parents. Run down to the living room and put on your best act by shouting with happiness because you got accepted at the prestigious Harvard. If you have never made your parents proud, this is the moment, even though it may last only for a few minutes.

16. Onions Covered with Chocolates

Onions Covered with Chocolates

Nicely peel a few onions and dip them in chocolate lava, and not forget to attach candy sticks on them to make them look like choco candies. The person who eats it thinking it’s real may not like the taste of the onion.

17. Pranking Calling Them About Bank Theft

Pranking Calling Them About Bank Theft

Let your friend call up one of your parents pretending to be from the bank and inform them about a bank theft in their account. Nobody can imagine what they may go through at that very moment, but make sure you don’t make the prank last long.

18. Fake Snake Prank

Fake Snake Prank

This kind of prank is not for the faint of heart, but for the sake of April Fool’s Day, you can consider it. Get a realistic toy snake and keep it inside your parents’ bedroom floor. They may scream their hearts out while you enjoy it. But do not keep it in slippery places like the bathroom because chances are there that they may slip and fall.

19. Cola/Pepsi Instead of Wine

Cola:Pepsi Instead of Wine

As parents, your parents may like to have wine occasionally. So this is your good chance to carry out this prank. Pour out all the wine into a different bottle or jar, and fill the actual wine bottle with dark soda.

20. Swap Salt with Sugar

Swap Salt with Sugar

Salt and sugar look slightly similar, so this prank may not be so hard to carry out. All you have to do is, take out all the sugar from its container and replace it with salt instead. When it’s tea time and the tea is ready, they are going to find out how horrible the tea is.

21. Fake Lottery Ticket

Fake Lottery Ticket

Tell your parents that you have won the lottery and that the amount is huge. You have no idea how much smile and happiness that news may bring to them. And before they start dreaming and demanding things from you, tell them right away that it’s just an April Fool’s prank.

22. Place Bubble Wrap Underneath the Doormat

Place Bubble Wrap Underneath the Doormat

Placing bubble wrap underneath the doormat may keep your parents guessing where the sound is coming from. This idea is fun and totally safe to carry out.

23. Balloons Inside the Pillowcase

Balloons Inside the Pillowcase

Hide balloons inside their pillowcases as a prank and make them have the hardest laugh as they lay down on the bed. It’s not a regular prank, but it’s still safe, and nobody will get on their nerves because of this very prank.

24. Eggs Coated with Choco Lava

Eggs Coated with Choco Lava

This prank is popular and widely practiced. Get some eggs and coat them with chocolate lava to make them look like real chocolate. Now the next thing you know is it may not look too good when your parents put it in their mouths, and the egg yolk starts dripping from their mouths.

25. Cockroach in your Dad’s Shoe

Cockroach in your Dad’s Shoe

Get a fake cockroach and secretly put it in your dad’s shoe. He may yell and definitely may not like it because of the fact that cockroaches are known for being dirty things.

26. Create Interesting Fake Stories and Share It with Your Parents

Create Interesting Fake Stories and Share It with Your Parents

Since parents are drawn to gossip or facts that are not sure to be genuine, here is a good opportunity for you to fool them. Create a fake story that may seem real and interesting, and forward it to both our parents.

27. Broken Glass Sticker on your Dad’s Car

Broken Glass Sticker on your Dad’s Car

There are varieties of broken glass stickers available in the market, and what you can do is stick it on your dad’s car. And show it to him and say someone has damaged the glass. The anger on his face may be real but may not last long after you tell him the truth.

28. Fake About a Foreign Trip

Fake About a Foreign Trip

Tell your parents that you are going on a trip to Santorini with your friends. The excitement they have for you is priceless because you are visiting one of the most beautiful islands. Even though it’s just a prank, this could be a beautiful prank, just like Santorini itself.

29. Quit College

Quit College

The biggest horror story for any parent is when they learn that their child is quitting college. Make this day a great opportunity to see how exactly your parents may be disappointed if you decide to quit your studies.

30. Fake Hospital Admission

Fake Hospital Admission

Now this prank may not go well with everyone; it is best if you don’t repeat it. But to see how fun it gets, call up one of your parents and tell them that you have been admitted to the hospital. Before they freak out and start worrying, tell them what you are up to.


We all need a little bit of fun and games in life. We need a small break from the exhausting work life, and so do our parents.

Ever since they got married, they may have never really given time to themselves and enjoy the pranks on April Fool’s Day. So the children have to actively take part in making their parents experience new things in life.

These prank ideas could be helpful when you are out of ideas on 1st April. They are extremely safe and do not cross any limits. Your parents are going to end up having a good laugh with you.

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