Easy Crafts for Toddlers (Craft Ideas for 2-4 Year Olds)

Keeping toddlers or kids busy nowadays can be a hectic task. This task can become more challenging when both of the parents are working. Because of this, the kid starts watching their phone and is in front of a screen for a long period. This negatively affects their health. Also, research says that till 5 years old, kids have a very fast pace of learning. To help you, we bring this article on craft ideas that will support the growth and development of the brain.

The below-mentioned crafts are not only cute but also demand creativity, which enhances their creative skills. Most of these crafts ideas include painting, building, and crafting, which helps build motor skills. Remember, these crafts are specially designed for toddlers. So, let’s get started with the 30 easy craft ideas for toddlers.

1. Playdough


Playdough is quite easy to make, unlike what it seems. The materials required for this craft can be easily found in your kitchen, i.e., water (2 cups), vegetable oil (2 tablespoons), plain flour (2 cups), salt (half the amount of flour), cream of tartar (1 tablespoon), food coloring (color of your choice), spoon, and saucepan. If you want to make a big play dough, then you can increase the quantity of the ingredients, but make sure to keep the proportion the same.

2. Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Rice

This is one of the unique craft ideas that can be made with toddlers. Unlike its name, making rainbow rice is quite easy; just some cheap ingredients, and it’s ready. You will require rice (ensure that they are long), vinegar, food coloring (colors of the rainbow), and food bags. Just follow some basic steps by placing 1 cup of rice in a rice bag with ½ teaspoon vinegar and food coloring. Mix it well, place the rice on a flat surface, and let it dry for some hours.

3. Paper Plate Sun

Paper Plate Sun

A craft that can be made in spring and summer. Making a paper plate sun is super easy to make. This craft also requires only basic elements that can be easily found on a house or stationary. It will require a small plate of yellow color (you can use white and paint it yellow if you want), a hole punch, sequins or jewels (optional), yellow pipe cleaners, yellow straws, scissors, yellow tissue paper squares, and liquid. By following some basic or easy rules or steps, you can make this paper plate craft.

4. Paper Crowns

Paper Crowns

The specialty of this paper crown is that it does not need any glue. Kids have this fantasy of being king or queen, which can be fulfilled by making this crown. You will require a paper, pencil, and scissors, and boom; your paper crown is ready. Make sure that the color of the paper is golden in color to give a royal look. Some steps of making this crown may require adult supervision, so make sure to be there for your kid.

5. Cup Wind Chimes

Cup Wind Chimes 

Who does not love wind chimes? A beautiful sound comes from the soothing wind in beautiful weather. But do you know that these wind chimes can be easily made at your home? Just a thread/string, beads of different shapes and sizes, small and cute jingle bells, and scissors. Remember that do not use it outside during the rainy season. While putting the bells, you can place them the way you want to secure them. Make sure to double knot at the end of the cup.

6. Nature Collage

Nature Collage

Just use some natural things, and your collage from natural things is ready. To make this collage, you have full liberty to explore. Take a sheet of paper, use double tape on it, and stick all the natural things in that area. You can give various shapes like circles, hearts, rectangles, and squares to it.

7. Handprint Art

Handprint Art

A handprint craft is made for decades; you can create many things by using your hand. Some of them are cactus, ladybug, peacock, bird, handprint ice cream cone, space rocket, and family handprint art, and a lot of them, you can get 30+ handprint art ideas on the above site.

8. Salt Dough

Salt Dough

Just like a playdough, salt dough can also be made. It is a fun and easy craft that the kids can enjoy to their fullest. To make one ball of salt dough, you will require 250g of plain flour, 125g of table salt, and about 125 ml of water. Now, preheat the oven and mix all the ingredients listed above in the bowl until it becomes a ball. Transfer the doubt to the baking tray with a layer of sheet on it. Now, take it out, leave it to cool, and start painting.

9. Flowers from Egg Cartons

Flowers from Egg Cartons

Most of the crafts we are going to talk about are made by recycling, which is the same in this craft. This craft can be created easily if you have an egg carton at your home. This craft can be made during spring or summer. They can also be displayed when the making process is complete. You will need acrylic paint, a pom pom, a paper straw, a paintbrush, glue, and an egg carton (a foam one is unnecessary). Your craft from the egg carton is ready.

10. Flower Painting

Flower Painting 

Flower painting is the best way to use your leftover flowers from the vase. This craft will require just three materials: paper, paint colors, and flowers from the vase. This activity allows kids to enhance their creativity and imagination. This craft can also be played as a game in a group of kids. The advantage of this painting is that it is quick and easy to make and to arrange all the setups. If you want, you can highlight the flower paintings and change them as artwork in any of your rooms.

11. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts .jpeg

Moving on to the other innovative craft. Toilet paper roll may sound very basic or simple, but it’s vice-versa. You can make ample amounts of things using a toilet paper roll, like fish, sharks, humans, vampires (great idea for Halloween), toilet roll unicorns, and many more. Just make sure you have a good amount of collection of toilet paper rolls. This is also one of the great craft ideas that can be made by recycling.

12. Popsicle Stick Craft

Popsicle Stick Craft

It is a great craft that is good for kids of all ages. Toddlers will enjoy making this craft for themselves. A DIY popsicle stick pencil holder craft is not only durable but also cost-effective. Just use some items that can be used every day, like scissors, craft glue, empty jars, and lastly, a lot of popsicles. Either you can popsicle sticks from any station nearby, or you can collect them. They are very easy to make and require popsicle sticks, glue guns, a jar, glue sticks, scissors, paper yarn, or rubber bands.

13. Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher

Suncatcher is a unique craft that can increase the motor skills and creativity of your kids. Prepare materials like contact paper, buttons, glitter, glitter glue, marker, plate, scissors, tape, ribbon, hot glue gun, and tray. Start by folding the contact paper in half and now trace it with a plate, You can add glitters and buttons for decoration. Toddlers can use their favorite glitter colors and can squeeze them carefully on the surface.

14. Tin Can Crafts

Tin Can Crafts

Just toilet paper roll craft tim can crafts are also an eco-friendly and creative craft where cans can be used to recycle them into various useful and decorative items. Some of them are pen or pencil holders, candle holders, herb planters, wind chimes, utensil holders, lanterns, mini planters, toy drums, desk or craft supply organizers, and bird feeders. As a parent or caretaker or a teacher just smooth the sharp edges after cutting the cans cause it is required for the safety of the small kids.

15. Paper Weaving

Paper Weaving

Paper weaving is one of the fantastic craft ideas that can engage kids in a creative and tactile activity that produces beautiful and intricate designs. Just collect some construction paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, glue stick or craft glue, and stickers, markers, or glitters for decoration, though they are optional. You have complete liberty while making this craft, as you can choose any color of craft paper you want and can make any design.

16. Jewellery Making

Jewellery Making

This craft allows kids to create personalized jewelry that develops their motor skills and creativity. This is a wonderful step that can help kids to improve their imagination. You can make various pieces of jewelry like beaded bracelets, pasta necklaces, friendship bracelets (that they can tie their friend on friendship day), clay bead necklaces, paper bead jewelry, jewelry from sea shells (best if you live near coastal areas), and jewelry from natural elements like flowers or leaves.

17. Fire-Breathing Dragon

Fire-Breathing Dragon .jpg

A craft that can be made in almost 2 hours. To make this craft you will require a kitchen towel roll or a toilet paper roll, pom pom, googly eyes, red, orange, yellow tissue paper, and acrylic paint color (any color of your choice). To make this craft or project a little bit of adult supervision is needed, so, be with your toddlers or watch them from afar. One tip to remember is that cover the base of the tube with lots of tissue paper and make sure to not leave any gaps.

18. Finger Paint Butterfly

Finger Paint Butterfly

There are ample ways to paint; one of them is finger painting. It is an interesting, beautiful, and simple craft that comes out beautifully. Any person can make this painting of any age. You will only require two materials: white paper and washable paint, and your butterfly is ready. Before that, ensure the toddler keeps their hands away from their face and any other sensitive body area like eyes, ears, or mouth. Keep an eye on them when they are involved in this craft.

19. Butterfly Collage

Butterfly Collage

Unlike other colleges, this is quite different cause it is made using natural things. You can use various things such as leaves, flowers, flower petals, and sticks to finish the look of a pretty butterfly. This craft is best on an occasion like Earth Day, and also in some seasons like summer and spring. For the safety of the kids, you can do the craft part where it is necessary. For example, while using scissors and sticks. They contain sharp edges that can harm your toddler.

20. Shaving Cream Paint

Shaving Cream Paint

Making paint using shaving cream may sound odd, but it comes under a great craft idea. This paint is different from normal paint cause it’s foamy but does not fall if put upside down. Toddlers or preschoolers can make this craft. To make this paint, you have to mix shaving cream with tempera paint. The reason for using tempera paint is that it has the smoothest consistency and comes at quite a reasonable price. You can even use popsicle sticks and mini cups to mix the paint.

21. Popsicle Butterfly Craft

Popsicle Butterfly Craft

A craft that is close to perfect for the spring season. A lot of butterflies can be seen during the spring season which will encourage toddlers to make a craft related to butterflies. To make a popsicle butterfly craft you will require some popsicle sticks, paint, a paintbrush, permanent glue dots, glue, colored cardstock or construction paper, scissors, black marker, and a butterfly template. You can paint any color you want on your butterfly, just ensure that the color combination fits well on the butterfly.

22. Superhero Mask

Superhero Mask

Most kids love superheroes like Superman, Batman, spiderman, Ironman, and many more. It’s their dream to be like them for a day, which these masks will partially make true. There are two ways to make these masks. The first one is just by printing a superhero mask template, cutting the eye part, and attaching a string to it. Secondly, drawing masks on white paper, cutting them, and using them. This is one of these craft ideas to which kids can relate.

23. Boredom Jar

Boredom Jar .jpg

The category of craft ideas that have the power to lift the mood of kids. Not only us adults but small kids also suffer from bad day daytimes, so to lift their mood these jars can be helpful. In this jar, there are some fun activities to perform by picking up one of them that is placed in the jar. This will give some positivity and peace to the kid’s mind and soul. To make this giggly jar you will require scissors, glue, colored card or paper, a jar, and a pen.

24. Making Kinetic Sand

Making Kinetic Sand

Making kinetic sand is a very interesting activity to perform. The kids will love it and enjoy the process. So, if you don’t know, then kinetic sand is nothing but regular sand with some special ingredients on it so that it holds itself more firmly. You will require some sand, vegetable oil, cornflour, and food coloring. This craft comes under messy craft ideas cause it creates a lot of mess while making. You can even buy it online.

25. A Spooky Ghost

A Spooky Ghost .jpg

Moving on, the craft ideas can be included as an activity in Halloween parties. You will need some white sheets of paper, glue, scissors, and tissue paper. This craft can be used to hang on walls and can be used as a part of decoration (like posters). This craft is super easy and takes less time compared to other crafts listed. Unlike the above pictures, you can choose any facial expression you want.

26. Potions


It’s not a craft but a kit that can be used to play on Halloween. Potions are used for witchcraft and sometimes to make medicines to cure a severe illness. They have a lot of significance on Halloween. By using their ideas, kids can make their own potion, which will increase their creativity and intelligence. In this craft, the kids can enjoy both Halloween and crafting at the same time.

27. Paper Mache Pumpkin

Paper Mache Pumpkin .jpg

Can you imagine that a paper mache can also be used to create a craft? Introducing another craft that can be made on Halloween and during the autumn season. But before that, make sure to arrange some basic materials like newspaper, PVA glue, water, acrylic paint, paintbrush, plastic bags, sticky tape, and string. The making of this craft may be a little messy, so prepare for this beforehand. This craft is of great use as an autumn decor and Halloween decoration.

28. Mini Monsters from Yogurt Cartons

Mini Monsters from Yogurt Cartons

This can be a decent way to recycle yogurt cartons. Usually, we can see a lot of them getting wasted. Monsters may sound dangerous, but they are cute in this craft. But first, make sure to arrange some materials like multi-colored yogurt cartons, googly eyes, yarn, glue, and pom pom. Now, using these materials, you can give any facial features to the monster apart from the above picture. To make this craft more interesting, toddlers can give names to them.

29. Paper Plate Craft

Paper Plate Craft

An idea that includes recycling and creativity. If you have a lot of paper plates at your home but do not know how to use them, then presenting you with some crafts that are being loved by many. You can make the sun, animal faces, the moon, paint plates, and many more. These crafts ideas come under the category of recycling. You can use any color of paper plate you want, or the one which suits your preference.

30. Cut Paper Cobwebs

Cut Paper Cobwebs

Just three materials, and your spider web is ready. You will require black construction paper (color recommended), scissors, and a pencil. They are very small and cute in appearance. Just be careful when the scissor part comes; if your kid is not good at handling scissors, then there is no problem in completing these steps by yourself instead of them. Another easy craft idea is that toddlers can play.


These were the 30 craft ideas that will help your toddler to learn and improve his/her skills. Always remember that the one who is making crafts is your toddlers. Make sure to accompany or watch them while they are making. This is an important and basic step that must keep in mind. You can use your creativity on the above crafts, or if you want, you can also join your toddler to relive your childhood.

Do you help your kids or toddlers when they are doing crafts? Let us know your experience with your toddler in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 2-Year Do Arts and Crafts?

Yes, a 2-year-old can surely do arts and crafts. The reason is that painting, building, and creating help them increase their motor skills, creative skills, and imagination. This will also help them to keep them to develop and learn a lot of things at an early age.

What Do Children Learn from Craft Activities?

Craft activities can make toddlers learn a lot of things like hand-eye coordination, knowledge of colors, and knowledge of shapes and textures at an early age. They also learn how things work and fit well together, providing an advantage of a fun and relaxed environment.

What Are the Types of Crafting?

According to Wikipedia, there are varieties of craft ideas that can be in the present day. Some of them are ceramic or glass crafts, fiber and textile crafts, flower crafts, paper crafts, leatherwork, embroideries, stone crafts, and wood and furniture crafts. A person can make any craft according to their preference.

What Things Are Used in Crafting?

However, the material required in crafting depends upon the craft you are making. But some of the most commonly used craft materials are construction paper, googly eyes, craft paint, assorted colors, paint brushes, scissors, glue sticks, pom poms, and many more.

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Jordan Wilson

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